Tire Brand: Pirelli

Tire Model: P Zero System

Check Pirelli P Zero System tire size chart to find maximum tire inflation as set by manufacturer for your Pirelli P Zero System tire size. Remember that tire pressure value printed on Pirelli P Zero System tire sidewall is a maximum tire pressure that Pirelli P Zero System tire can support when carrying its maximum weight capacity, and it is not a recommended tire pressure setting for your vehicle.

Keep in mind that Pirelli P Zero System tires can naturally lose 1 to 2 psi of tire pressure monthly, so check Pirelli P Zero System tire pressure regularly to keep tires inflated at recommended level.

Tire pressure is also affected by changes in temperature. As a rule, tire pressure for Pirelli P Zero System tires will change by about 1 psi for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit change in atmospheric temperature. Maintain proper Pirelli P Zero System winter tire pressure by compensating air pressure to your vehicle's recommended tire pressure level when temperatures drop.

Pirelli P Zero System Tire Inflation Chart

Pirelli P Zero System tire pressure chart with maximum tire inflation for each tire size.

Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Max Tire Pressure
205/50R15 86 W 51 psi
205/55R16 91 Y 51 psi
215/45R18 89 Y 51 psi
215/50R17 91 Y 51 psi
225/40R18 88 Y 51 psi
225/45R17 91 Y 51 psi
225/50R15 91 Y 51 psi
225/50R16 92 Y 51 psi
235/35R18 86 Y 51 psi
235/50R17 96 W 51 psi
245/40R17 91 Y 51 psi
245/40R18 97 Y 50 psi
245/45R18 96 Y 51 psi
245/50R17 99 Y 51 psi
255/35R19 96 Y 50 psi
255/40R18 95 Y 51 psi
255/40R19 96 Y 51 psi
255/45R17 98 Y 51 psi
255/45R18 99 Y 51 psi
255/45R19 104 Y 50 psi
255/50R18 102 Y 51 psi
265/40R18 97 Y 51 psi
275/40R18 99 Y 51 psi
285/40R17 100 Y 51 psi
285/45R18 103 Y 51 psi
335/30R18 102 Y 51 psi
335/35R17 106 Y 51 psi
345/35R15 95 Y 51 psi

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