Winter Tire Pressure Calculator

Calculate tire pressure fluctuations based on change in ambient temperatures to determine proper winter tire pressure adjustment.

Air pressure in your tires can fluctuate based on changes in ambient temperature. During the colder months when temperatures drop, your tire pressure can decrease by approximatly 1 psi for each 10 °F drop in temperature. Using the winter tire pressure calculator, you can estimate the change in tire pressure based on change in outside temperature.

Enter the tire pressure value and the temperature from the last time you have set or checked it, then enter current temperature to see how it affected your tire pressure levels.

For example, when last time you set your tire pressure to 32 psi the weather temperature was 70 °F. So you enter 32 in the original tire pressure field, and 70 in the original temperature field. Then enter the current temperature to see if your tire inflation has increased or descreased from previously set value.

Original Tire Pressure (psi)

Original Temperature (°F)

Current Temperature (°F)

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