Tire Pressure Sensors

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Tire pressure sensor is a small electronic device that constantly measures the air pressure inside the tire. Tire pressure are usually attached to the valve-stem assembly of the tire, and are integral part of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Sensors transmit tire pressure information to the car’s onboard computer, warning the driver if tire pressure is too low (25 percent below the recommended tire pressure of your vehicle).

Tire pressure sensors are powered by batteries designed to last several years. When the sensor battery dies, the entire sensor must be replaced. You can replace tire pressure sensors with original equipment or aftermarket sensors. Sensors should be replaced at a tire store or mechanic shop by a professional to ensure proper installation.

Driving with a faulty tire pressure sensor will prevent the TPMS from warning you if the tire has been punctured and has low tire pressure. It is highly recommended to replace tire pressure sensors as soon as possible.