Tire Pressure Gauges

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Tire pressure gauge is a device designed to measure air pressure in tires and help maintain tires in top condition by making sure all tires are properly inflated. Checking tire pressure regularly will help avoid underinflated tires, resulting in better fuel efficiency, longer tire life and safer driving.

There are three types of tire pressure gauges: stick, digital, and dial or analog. Each tire pressure gauge type has its pros and cons, so pick one you find more suitable for your tires.

Stick tire pressure gauge is simple, compact and affordable. It consists of a metal or plastic casing, a pocket clip and a deep set chuck with a pressure release bump on the opposite side. Pressure scales are marked on an indicator bar that sticks out when air pressure is applied.

Stuck Tire Pressure Gauge

Stick tire pressure gauge is convenient, but lacks precision that some drivers would prefer. It also lacks the range as it is usually limited to 40 psi. To use stick tire pressure gauge, place the chuck on a tire valve and press firmly until the indicator bar slides out of the gauge, showing the corresponding air pressure in the tire.

Pros: Easy to use, lightweight, compact and easy to store, inexpensive.

Cons: Can be tricky to read, less accurate, limited pressure value range.

Dial tire pressure gauge, also called analog tire pressure gauge, comes in a protective casing around a dial indicator with a pressure scale on the dial background. An air chuck on a metal extension is attached to the dial.

Dial Tire Pressure Gauge

Some dial tire pressure gauges come with an extension hose, bleeder valve, dual-scale dial, and shock-resistant dial cover. To use dial tire pressure gauge, place the chuck on the tire valve, press firmly and observe the indicator needle over the scale showing the corresponding air pressure in the tire.

Pros: Easy to use and read, reliable, accurate.

Cons: Can be clunky, more expensive.

Digital tire pressure gauge features an electronic LCD display, usually with a back-lit screen so you can see tire pressure readings even in the dark. An air chuck is embedded into the casing.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Digital tire pressure gauges are easy to read, very accurate and are more resistant to damage from dust and dirt. They do require batteries, so eventually you will need a replacement. To use digital tire pressure gauge, turn the gauge on, place the chuck on the tire valve, and the digital display indicates tire pressure.

Pros: Very accurate, fairly priced, easy to use and read, back-lit to read in the dark.

Cons: Require batteries to operate.

Here are some tips on how to select and use a tire pressure gauge:

It is up to you which tire pressure gauge you prefer. You can buy a quality tire pressure gauge in store or online at a very affordable price. There are also more expensive tire pressure gauges with advanced features aimed at professional mechanics and hardcore car enthusiasts.