Replacement Tire Pressure Calculator

Calculate proper tire inflation for replacement tires to match the original equipment tire load capacity on your vehicle.

When replacing original equipment tires with a new tire size, typically there is a change in tire load rating, which may require adjustment of tire inflation to comply with the original tire's load capacity. To get proper inflation of the replacement tire, you have to reference tire load and inflation charts and find corresponding tire load capacity and inflation that matches or exceeds the original tire's load capacity.

Keep in mind that the maximum pressure listed on the tire sidewall is not necessarily a recommended tire pressure for your vehicle's tire size.

Learn more about how to apply tire load inflation tables when replacing tires.

WARNING: Use of this tire pressure calculator is for reference only. does not warrant or make any representations regarding the accuracy of or the results of the use of this calculator. Always consult a professional tire installer for accurate tire size and tire inflation settings.

Select OEM Tire

Find your vehicle's original equipment tire size on a placard inside of your driver's side door jamb or in owner's manual. Select the correct tire type, OEM tire size, load range / index, and recommended tire pressure listed for the OEM tire size.

Select NEW Tire

Select replacement tire type, tire size, and load range / index.