P225/70R14 Tire Pressure Chart

P225/70R14 tire pressure chart with maximum tire load capacity at specified tire inflation levels for P225/70R14 tires. Apply the chart below to find corresponding tire inflation and load capacity levels to ensure proper application for your vehicle. Learn how to apply tire load inflation tables when replacing original equipment tires with optional or plus tire sizes.

Tire Size Load Index Load Range 26 psi 27 psi 28 psi 29 psi 30 psi 31 psi 32 psi 33 psi 34 psi 35 psi 36 psi 37 psi 38 psi 39 psi 40 psi 41 psi 42 psi
98 SL
98 SL 1455 lbs 1481 lbs 1506 lbs 1532 lbs 1558 lbs 1583 lbs 1609 lbs 1631 lbs 1653 lbs 1675 lbs Show Specs

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