LT245/65R17 Tire Pressure Chart

LT245/65R17 tire pressure chart with maximum tire load capacity at specified tire inflation levels for LT245/65R17 tires. Chart below will help you find corresponding tire inflation and load capacity levels to ensure proper application for your vehicle. Learn how to apply tire load inflation tables when replacing LT245/65R17 tires.

Tire Size 35 psi 40 psi 45 psi 50 psi 55 psi 60 psi 65 psi 70 psi 75 psi 80 psi 85 psi 90 psi 95 psi
Single Tire
1575 lbs 1730 lbs 1875 lbs 2040 lbs 2160 lbs 2295 lbs 2405 lbs Show Specs
Dual Tires
1432 lbs 1573 lbs 1705 lbs 1855 lbs 1964 lbs 2086 lbs 2186 lbs Show Specs

LT-Metric Tire Load Inflation Table

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