Firestone Destination M/T2 Tire Pressure Chart

Firestone Destination M/T2

Firestone Destination M/T2 tires come in 23 tire sizes with maximum tire load capacity of 1984 pounds to 4079 pounds and maximum tire inflation of 50 psi to 80 psi.

Firestone Destination M/T2 tire load capacity and tire inflation settings may vary based on tire load index / load range. Check Firestone Destination M/T2 tire sidewall for more information. Tire inflation and load capacity values printed on the sidewall represent the maximum air pressure Firestone Destination M/T2 tire can be inflated to support its maximum load capacity, and not necessarily the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle. Never overload or overinflate Firestone Destination M/T2 tires beyond the maximum inflation and load capacity values indicated on the tire sidewall.

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Select Firestone Destination M/T2 tire size for its maximum tire inflation and load capacity.

Tire Size Max Load Capacity
(single / dual rear wheels)
Maximum Tire Pressure

31x10.50R15 109Q

2271 lbs 50 psi

33x12.50R20 114Q

2601 lbs -- psi

35x12.50R17 121Q

3197 lbs -- psi

35x12.50R18 123Q

3417 lbs -- psi

35x12.50R22 117Q

2833 lbs -- psi

37x12.50R17 124Q

3527 lbs -- psi

LT235/75R15 104Q

1984 lbs 50 psi

LT235/85R16 120Q

3086 lbs -- psi

LT245/75R16 120Q

3086 lbs -- psi

LT245/75R17 121Q

3197 lbs -- psi

LT255/75R17 111Q

2403 lbs -- psi

LT265/70R17 121Q

3197 lbs -- psi

LT265/75R16 123Q

3417 lbs -- psi

LT275/65R18 123Q

3417 lbs 80 psi

LT275/65R20 126Q

3748 lbs -- psi

LT275/70R18 125Q

3638 lbs -- psi

LT285/65R18 125Q

3638 lbs -- psi

LT285/70R17 121Q

3197 lbs -- psi

LT285/75R16 126Q

3748 lbs -- psi

LT295/70R17 121Q

3197 lbs -- psi

LT295/70R18 129Q

4079 lbs 80 psi

LT315/70R17 121Q

3197 lbs 65 psi

LT315/75R16 127Q

3858 lbs 65 psi

All listed data and/or calculations are for informational purposes only. does not warrant or make any representations regarding the accuracy of or the results of the use of this information. Always refer to vehicle owner's manual for recommended tire pressure settings. Never overinflate or overload a tire beyond its maximum capabilities listed on sidewall.

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