Continental ContiSportContact 5P Tires

Tire Brand: Continental

Tire Model: ContiSportContact 5P

Check Continental ContiSportContact 5P tire size chart to find maximum tire inflation as set by manufacturer for your Continental ContiSportContact 5P tire size. Remember that tire pressure value printed on Continental ContiSportContact 5P tire sidewall is a maximum tire pressure that Continental ContiSportContact 5P tire can support when carrying its maximum weight capacity, and it is not a recommended tire pressure setting for your vehicle.

Keep in mind that Continental ContiSportContact 5P tires can naturally lose 1 to 2 psi of tire pressure monthly, so check Continental ContiSportContact 5P tire pressure regularly to keep tires inflated at recommended level.

Tire pressure is also affected by changes in temperature. As a rule, tire pressure for Continental ContiSportContact 5P tires will change by about 1 psi for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit change in atmospheric temperature. Maintain proper Continental ContiSportContact 5P winter tire pressure by compensating air pressure to your vehicle's recommended tire pressure level when temperatures drop.

Continental ContiSportContact 5P Tire Pressure Chart

Tire SizeLoad IndexSpeed RatingMax Tire Pressure
225/35R1988Y51 psi
235/35R1991Y51 psi
235/35R2088Y51 psi
235/40R1895Y51 psi
235/40R2096Y51 psi
235/45R1999Y51 psi
245/35R1993Y51 psi
245/35R2196Y51 psi
245/40R2099Y51 psi
255/30R1991Y51 psi
255/30R2092Y51 psi
255/35R1894Y51 psi
255/35R1992Y51 psi
255/35R1996Y51 psi
255/40R19100Y50 psi
255/40R20101Y51 psi
255/40R21102Y51 psi
265/35R1998Y51 psi
265/35R2099Y51 psi
265/35R21101Y51 psi
265/40R21101Y51 psi
275/30R2198Y51 psi
275/35R19100Y51 psi
275/35R20102Y51 psi
275/35R21103Y51 psi
285/30R1998Y51 psi
285/30R2099Y51 psi
285/30R21100Y51 psi
285/35R20100Y51 psi
285/35R20104Y51 psi
285/35R21105Y50 psi
285/40R22106Y51 psi
285/45R21109Y51 psi
295/30R19100Y51 psi
295/30R20101Y51 psi
295/35R20105Y51 psi
295/35R21103Y51 psi
305/30R19102Y51 psi
305/30R20103Y51 psi
315/30R21105Y50 psi
325/35R22110Y51 psi
325/40R21113Y51 psi
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