Recommended Tire Pressure for P255/45R19 Tires

P255/45R19 tires has a section width or tread width of 255 millimeters or 10.04 inches, with tire aspect ratio of 45% and sidewall height of 114.75 millimeters or 4.52 inches.

P255/45R19 tires fit rims and wheels that are 19 inches or 482.6 millimeters in diameter.

Overall diameter of a tire is 712.1 millimeters or 28.04 inches.

With tire circumference of 2237 millimeters or 88.07 inches, it makes about 719 revolutions per mile or 447 revolutions per kilometer.

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Tire brands and models with P255/45R19 tire size. Click on tire model to see its tire pressure chart.

P255/45R19 tire load inflation table provides tire pressure psi values corresponding to tire's weight load in pounds (lbs).

If your vehicle is carrying extra load, you might want to increase your tire pressure accordingly, but do not overinflate your tires above the maximum tire pressure level indicated on your tire sidewall. Remember that overinflating your tires does not increase their load carrying capacity.

Psi / Load Index
26 psi1290 lbs1464 lbs
27 psi1316 lbs1498 lbs
28 psi1341 lbs1533 lbs
29 psi1367 lbs1567 lbs
30 psi1389 lbs1600 lbs
31 psi1411 lbs1634 lbs
32 psi1433 lbs1667 lbs
33 psi1448 lbs1699 lbs
34 psi1462 lbs1732 lbs
35 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs
36 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs
37 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs
38 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs
39 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs
40 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs
41 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs
42 psi1477 lbs1764 lbs

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