Tire Pressure Chart by 13" Tire Size.


105/80R13 Tire Pressure110/70-13 Tire Pressure110/90-13 Tire Pressure120/60-13 Tire Pressure120/70-13 Tire Pressure130/60-13 Tire Pressure130/70-13 Tire Pressure140/60-13 Tire Pressure140/70-13 Tire Pressure145/80R13 Tire Pressure145R13 Tire Pressure150/70-13 Tire Pressure155/70R13 Tire Pressure155/80R13 Tire Pressure155R13 Tire Pressure165/65R13 Tire Pressure165/70R13 Tire Pressure165/75R13 Tire Pressure165/80R13 Tire Pressure165R13 Tire Pressure175/50R13 Tire Pressure175/60R13 Tire Pressure175/70R13 Tire Pressure175/75R13 Tire Pressure175/80R13 Tire Pressure185/55R13 Tire Pressure185/60R13 Tire Pressure185/65R13 Tire Pressure185/70R13 Tire Pressure185/80R13 Tire Pressure185R13 Tire Pressure195/70R13 Tire Pressure205/60R13 Tire Pressure205/70R13 Tire Pressure215/50R13 Tire Pressure225/45R13 Tire Pressure22x8.00R13 Tire Pressure235/45R13 Tire Pressure24.50x8.00R13 Tire Pressure24.50x9.00R13 Tire Pressure6.15R13 Tire PressureP145/80R13 Tire PressureP155/70R13 Tire PressureP155/80R13 Tire PressureP165/65R13 Tire PressureP165/70R13 Tire PressureP165/75R13 Tire PressureP165/80R13 Tire PressureP175/50R13 Tire PressureP175/70R13 Tire PressureP175/75R13 Tire PressureP175/80R13 Tire PressureP185/60R13 Tire PressureP185/70R13 Tire PressureP185/75R13 Tire PressureP185/80R13 Tire PressureP195/60R13 Tire PressureP195/70R13 Tire PressureP205/60R13 Tire PressureP205/70R13 Tire PressureP215/50R13 Tire PressureP215/60R13 Tire PressureP225/45R13 Tire PressureP225/50R13 Tire PressureP235/50R13 Tire PressureP245/50R13 Tire PressureP255/40R13 Tire Pressure

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