Use tire inflation temperature chart below to identify tire pressure fluctuation with changes in temperature in order to adjust tire pressure and maintain it at recommended level of 29 psi.

Tire pressure increases when atmospheric temperature goes up and descreases when atmospheric temperature drops. Compensate and adjust your tire pressure based on temperature changes to maintain proper recommended inflation pressure in your tires.

Change in Temperature represents the difference between current atmospheric temperature and the one used to set your vehicle's recommended tire pressure. Adjusted Pressure is the actual tire pressure at current temperature change. Pressure Difference shows by how much psi your tires are overinflated or underinflated.

For example, your car's recommended tire pressure is 29 psi, and you inflate your tires to that recommended level inside your garage where temperature is 80 °F. Then you decide to park your car outside, where temperature is 60 °F. That means temperature changed by -20 °F, and your tire pressure fell by about 1.57 psi and now is 27.43 psi instead of recommended 29 psi. You should inflate your tires to their recommended tire pressure levels.

Change in TemperatureAdjusted Tire PressureChange in Tire Pressure
+100 °F36.83 psi7.83 psi
+95 °F36.44 psi7.44 psi
+90 °F36.05 psi7.05 psi
+85 °F35.66 psi6.66 psi
+80 °F35.26 psi6.26 psi
+75 °F34.87 psi5.87 psi
+70 °F34.48 psi5.48 psi
+65 °F34.09 psi5.09 psi
+60 °F33.7 psi4.7 psi
+55 °F33.31 psi4.31 psi
+50 °F32.92 psi3.92 psi
+45 °F32.52 psi3.52 psi
+40 °F32.13 psi3.13 psi
+35 °F31.74 psi2.74 psi
+30 °F31.35 psi2.35 psi
+25 °F30.96 psi1.96 psi
+20 °F30.57 psi1.57 psi
+15 °F30.17 psi1.17 psi
+10 °F29.78 psi0.78 psi
+5 °F29.39 psi0.39 psi
+0 °F29 psi0 psi
-5 °F28.61 psi-0.39 psi
-10 °F28.22 psi-0.78 psi
-15 °F27.83 psi-1.17 psi
-20 °F27.43 psi-1.57 psi
-25 °F27.04 psi-1.96 psi
-30 °F26.65 psi-2.35 psi
-35 °F26.26 psi-2.74 psi
-40 °F25.87 psi-3.13 psi
-45 °F25.48 psi-3.52 psi
-50 °F25.09 psi-3.91 psi
-55 °F24.69 psi-4.31 psi
-60 °F24.3 psi-4.7 psi
-65 °F23.91 psi-5.09 psi
-70 °F23.52 psi-5.48 psi
-75 °F23.13 psi-5.87 psi
-80 °F22.74 psi-6.26 psi
-85 °F22.34 psi-6.66 psi
-90 °F21.95 psi-7.05 psi
-95 °F21.56 psi-7.44 psi
-100 °F21.17 psi-7.83 psi
Change in TemperatureAdjusted Tire PressureChange in Tire Pressure
+30 °C33.23 psi4.23 psi
+29 °C33.09 psi4.09 psi
+28 °C32.95 psi3.95 psi
+27 °C32.81 psi3.81 psi
+26 °C32.66 psi3.66 psi
+25 °C32.52 psi3.52 psi
+24 °C32.38 psi3.38 psi
+23 °C32.24 psi3.24 psi
+22 °C32.1 psi3.1 psi
+21 °C31.96 psi2.96 psi
+20 °C31.82 psi2.82 psi
+19 °C31.68 psi2.68 psi
+18 °C31.54 psi2.54 psi
+17 °C31.4 psi2.4 psi
+16 °C31.26 psi2.26 psi
+15 °C31.11 psi2.11 psi
+14 °C30.97 psi1.97 psi
+13 °C30.83 psi1.83 psi
+12 °C30.69 psi1.69 psi
+11 °C30.55 psi1.55 psi
+10 °C30.41 psi1.41 psi
+9 °C30.27 psi1.27 psi
+8 °C30.13 psi1.13 psi
+7 °C29.99 psi0.99 psi
+6 °C29.85 psi0.85 psi
+5 °C29.7 psi0.7 psi
+4 °C29.56 psi0.56 psi
+3 °C29.42 psi0.42 psi
+2 °C29.28 psi0.28 psi
+1 °C29.14 psi0.14 psi
+0 °C29 psi0 psi
-1 °C28.86 psi-0.14 psi
-2 °C28.72 psi-0.28 psi
-3 °C28.58 psi-0.42 psi
-4 °C28.44 psi-0.56 psi
-5 °C28.3 psi-0.7 psi
-6 °C28.15 psi-0.85 psi
-7 °C28.01 psi-0.99 psi
-8 °C27.87 psi-1.13 psi
-9 °C27.73 psi-1.27 psi
-10 °C27.59 psi-1.41 psi
-11 °C27.45 psi-1.55 psi
-12 °C27.31 psi-1.69 psi
-13 °C27.17 psi-1.83 psi
-14 °C27.03 psi-1.97 psi
-15 °C26.89 psi-2.11 psi
-16 °C26.74 psi-2.26 psi
-17 °C26.6 psi-2.4 psi
-18 °C26.46 psi-2.54 psi
-19 °C26.32 psi-2.68 psi
-20 °C26.18 psi-2.82 psi
-21 °C26.04 psi-2.96 psi
-22 °C25.9 psi-3.1 psi
-23 °C25.76 psi-3.24 psi
-24 °C25.62 psi-3.38 psi
-25 °C25.48 psi-3.52 psi
-26 °C25.34 psi-3.66 psi
-27 °C25.19 psi-3.81 psi
-28 °C25.05 psi-3.95 psi
-29 °C24.91 psi-4.09 psi
-30 °C24.77 psi-4.23 psi

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