Recommended tire inflation pressure values corresponding to tire's weight load in pounds (lbs) per single tire for LT-metric tire sizes.

Tire SizeTire Load IndexRear Tire Application35 psi40 psi45 psi50 psi55 psi60 psi65 psi70 psi75 psi80 psi
LT175/75R14Dual870 lbs955 lbs1035 lbs1135 lbs
LT175/75R14955 lbs1050 lbs1140 lbs1235 lbs
LT185/75R14Dual945 lbs1035 lbs1130 lbs1235 lbs
LT185/75R141040 lbs1140 lbs1240 lbs1355 lbs
LT195/75R14Dual1015 lbs1115 lbs1210 lbs1325 lbs1390 lbs1480 lbs1565 lbs
LT195/75R141115 lbs1225 lbs1330 lbs1435 lbs1530 lbs1625 lbs1710 lbs
LT195/75R15Dual1060 lbs1165 lbs1265 lbs1390 lbs
LT195/75R151165 lbs1280 lbs1390 lbs1520 lbs
LT205/60R18Dual1080 lbs1185 lbs1285 lbs1390 lbs1480 lbs1570 lbs1655 lbs
LT205/60R181185 lbs1300 lbs1410 lbs1520 lbs1625 lbs1725 lbs1820 lbs
LT205/70R14Dual1045 lbs1150 lbs1245 lbs1355 lbs1440 lbs1525 lbs1610 lbs1700 lbs1785 lbs1875 lbs
LT205/70R141150 lbs1265 lbs1370 lbs1475 lbs1580 lbs1675 lbs1765 lbs1870 lbs1960 lbs2040 lbs
LT205/70R15Dual1090 lbs1200 lbs1305 lbs1435 lbs
LT205/70R151200 lbs1320 lbs1435 lbs1565 lbs
LT205/75R15Dual1145 lbs1260 lbs1365 lbs1520 lbs1575 lbs1675 lbs1765 lbs
LT205/75R151260 lbs1385 lbs1500 lbs1655 lbs1730 lbs1840 lbs1930 lbs
LT215/65R16Dual1145 lbs1255 lbs1365 lbs1520 lbs1570 lbs1670 lbs1765 lbs
LT215/65R161260 lbs1380 lbs1500 lbs1655 lbs1725 lbs1835 lbs1930 lbs
LT215/70R14Dual1125 lbs1235 lbs1340 lbs1475 lbs
LT215/70R141235 lbs1355 lbs1470 lbs1610 lbs
LT215/70R16Dual1220 lbs1340 lbs1455 lbs1610 lbs
LT215/70R161340 lbs1475 lbs1600 lbs1765 lbs
LT215/75R14Dual1170 lbs1290 lbs1395 lbs1520 lbs1605 lbs1710 lbs1820 lbs
LT215/75R141285 lbs1415 lbs1535 lbs1655 lbs1765 lbs1880 lbs1985 lbs
LT215/75R15Dual1225 lbs1340 lbs1460 lbs1610 lbs1680 lbs1785 lbs1930 lbs
LT215/75R151345 lbs1475 lbs1605 lbs1765 lbs1845 lbs1960 lbs2095 lbs
LT215/80R15Dual1275 lbs1395 lbs1515 lbs1655 lbs1745 lbs1855 lbs1930 lbs
LT215/80R151400 lbs1535 lbs1665 lbs1820 lbs1920 lbs2040 lbs2150 lbs
LT215/85R16Dual1360 lbs1490 lbs1625 lbs1765 lbs1865 lbs1985 lbs2150 lbs2210 lbs2320 lbs2470 lbs
LT215/85R161495 lbs1640 lbs1785 lbs1940 lbs2050 lbs2180 lbs2335 lbs2430 lbs2550 lbs2680 lbs
LT225/70R16Dual1305 lbs1435 lbs1555 lbs1710 lbs
LT225/70R161435 lbs1575 lbs1710 lbs1875 lbs
LT225/70R17Dual1360 lbs1490 lbs1620 lbs1765 lbs1865 lbs1980 lbs2150 lbs2205 lbs2315 lbs2470 lbs
LT225/70R171495 lbs1640 lbs1780 lbs1930 lbs2050 lbs2175 lbs2335 lbs2425 lbs2545 lbs2680 lbs
LT225/75R15Dual1315 lbs1440 lbs1565 lbs1710 lbs1800 lbs1915 lbs1985 lbs
LT225/75R151445 lbs1585 lbs1720 lbs1875 lbs1980 lbs2105 lbs2205 lbs
LT225/75R16Dual1365 lbs1500 lbs1630 lbs1765 lbs1875 lbs1995 lbs2150 lbs2220 lbs2330 lbs2470 lbs
LT225/75R161500 lbs1650 lbs1790 lbs1940 lbs2060 lbs2190 lbs2335 lbs2440 lbs2560 lbs2680 lbs
LT225/75R17Dual1425 lbs1565 lbs1695 lbs1875 lbs1950 lbs2075 lbs2205 lbs2310 lbs2430 lbs2535 lbs
LT225/75R171565 lbs1720 lbs1865 lbs2040 lbs2145 lbs2280 lbs2405 lbs2540 lbs2670 lbs2755 lbs
LT235/60R17Dual1250 lbs1375 lbs1490 lbs1610 lbs1720 lbs1825 lbs1930 lbs2035 lbs2135 lbs2270 lbs
LT235/60R171375 lbs1510 lbs1640 lbs1765 lbs1890 lbs2005 lbs2150 lbs2235 lbs2345 lbs2470 lbs
LT235/65R17Dual1355 lbs1490 lbs1615 lbs1765 lbs1860 lbs1975 lbs2040 lbs
LT235/65R171490 lbs1635 lbs1775 lbs1930 lbs2045 lbs2170 lbs2270 lbs
LT235/70R15Dual1335 lbs1465 lbs1595 lbs1710 lbs1830 lbs1945 lbs2040 lbs2165 lbs2275 lbs2335 lbs
LT235/70R151465 lbs1610 lbs1750 lbs1875 lbs2010 lbs2140 lbs2270 lbs2380 lbs2500 lbs2600 lbs
LT235/70R16Dual1390 lbs1525 lbs1655 lbs1820 lbs1905 lbs2025 lbs2150 lbs
LT235/70R161525 lbs1675 lbs1820 lbs1985 lbs2095 lbs2225 lbs2335 lbs
LT235/75R15Dual1390 lbs1530 lbs1660 lbs1820 lbs1910 lbs2035 lbs2150 lbs2265 lbs2375 lbs2535 lbs
LT235/75R151530 lbs1680 lbs1825 lbs1985 lbs2100 lbs2235 lbs2335 lbs2490 lbs2610 lbs2755 lbs
LT235/75R16Dual1450 lbs1595 lbs1730 lbs1930 lbs1995 lbs2115 lbs2270 lbs2355 lbs2475 lbs2600 lbs
LT235/75R161595 lbs1750 lbs1900 lbs2095 lbs2190 lbs2325 lbs2470 lbs2590 lbs2720 lbs2835 lbs
LT235/80R17Dual1570 lbs1725 lbs1870 lbs2040 lbs2155 lbs2290 lbs2470 lbs2555 lbs2675 lbs2835 lbs
LT235/80R171725 lbs1895 lbs2055 lbs2270 lbs2370 lbs2515 lbs2680 lbs2805 lbs2940 lbs3085 lbs
LT235/85R16Dual1545 lbs1700 lbs1845 lbs2006 lbs2125 lbs2260 lbs2381 lbs2515 lbs2645 lbs2778 lbs
LT235/85R161700 lbs1870 lbs2030 lbs2205 lbs2335 lbs2485 lbs2623 lbs2765 lbs2905 lbs3042 lbs
LT245/65R151450 lbs1595 lbs1730 lbs1875 lbs
LT245/65R17Dual1435 lbs1575 lbs1705 lbs1875 lbs1965 lbs2090 lbs2205 lbs
LT245/65R171575 lbs1730 lbs1875 lbs2040 lbs2160 lbs2295 lbs2405 lbs
LT245/70R15Dual1420 lbs1555 lbs1695 lbs1875 lbs
LT245/70R151560 lbs1710 lbs1860 lbs2040 lbs
LT245/70R16Dual1475 lbs1620 lbs1760 lbs1930 lbs2025 lbs2150 lbs2335 lbs2400 lbs2515 lbs2680 lbs
LT245/70R161620 lbs1780 lbs1935 lbs2095 lbs2225 lbs2365 lbs2535 lbs2635 lbs2765 lbs2910 lbs
LT245/70R17Dual1540 lbs1690 lbs1830 lbs1985 lbs2105 lbs2240 lbs2335 lbs2495 lbs2615 lbs2755 lbs
LT245/70R171690 lbs1855 lbs2010 lbs2205 lbs2315 lbs2460 lbs2600 lbs2740 lbs2875 lbs3000 lbs
LT245/70R18Dual1595 lbs1745 lbs1895 lbs2040 lbs2185 lbs2325 lbs2470 lbs2590 lbs2715 lbs2835 lbs
LT245/70R181750 lbs1920 lbs2085 lbs2270 lbs2400 lbs2555 lbs2680 lbs2845 lbs2985 lbs3085 lbs
LT245/75R15Dual1490 lbs1635 lbs1775 lbs1930 lbs
LT245/75R151635 lbs1795 lbs1950 lbs2150 lbs
LT245/75R16Dual1545 lbs1700 lbs1845 lbs2006 lbs2125 lbs2255 lbs2381 lbs2515 lbs2640 lbs2778 lbs
LT245/75R161700 lbs1870 lbs2030 lbs2205 lbs2335 lbs2480 lbs2623 lbs2765 lbs2900 lbs3042 lbs
LT245/75R17Dual1610 lbs1770 lbs1920 lbs2040 lbs2210 lbs2350 lbs2535 lbs2615 lbs2750 lbs2910 lbs
LT245/75R171770 lbs1945 lbs2110 lbs2270 lbs2430 lbs2580 lbs2755 lbs2875 lbs3020 lbs3195 lbs
LT255/55R18Dual1330 lbs1460 lbs1590 lbs1710 lbs1825 lbs1945 lbs2040 lbs
LT255/55R181460 lbs1605 lbs1745 lbs1875 lbs2005 lbs2135 lbs2270 lbs
LT255/65R17Dual1525 lbs1675 lbs1815 lbs1930 lbs2095 lbs2225 lbs2335 lbs
LT255/65R171675 lbs1840 lbs1995 lbs2150 lbs2300 lbs2445 lbs2600 lbs
LT255/65R18Dual1585 lbs1740 lbs1885 lbs2040 lbs2170 lbs2305 lbs2470 lbs2570 lbs2700 lbs2835 lbs
LT255/65R181740 lbs1910 lbs2070 lbs2270 lbs2385 lbs2535 lbs2680 lbs2825 lbs2965 lbs3085 lbs
LT255/70R15Dual1505 lbs1650 lbs1795 lbs1930 lbs2065 lbs2195 lbs2335 lbs
LT255/70R151655 lbs1815 lbs1970 lbs2150 lbs2270 lbs2410 lbs2535 lbs
LT255/70R16Dual1565 lbs1720 lbs1865 lbs1985 lbs2150 lbs2285 lbs2470 lbs
LT255/70R161720 lbs1890 lbs2050 lbs2205 lbs2360 lbs2510 lbs2680 lbs
LT255/70R17Dual1630 lbs1790 lbs1940 lbs2150 lbs2235 lbs2375 lbs2535 lbs2645 lbs2775 lbs2910 lbs
LT255/70R171790 lbs1965 lbs2130 lbs2335 lbs2455 lbs2610 lbs2755 lbs2905 lbs3050 lbs3195 lbs
LT255/70R18Dual1690 lbs1850 lbs2010 lbs2205 lbs2315 lbs2460 lbs2600 lbs
LT255/70R181855 lbs2035 lbs2210 lbs2405 lbs2545 lbs2705 lbs2835 lbs
LT255/75R15Dual1575 lbs1730 lbs1880 lbs2040 lbs
LT255/75R151730 lbs1900 lbs2065 lbs2270 lbs
LT255/75R17Dual1700 lbs1870 lbs2030 lbs2205 lbs
LT255/75R171870 lbs2055 lbs2230 lbs2405 lbs
LT255/80R17Dual1770 lbs1945 lbs2110 lbs2335 lbs2430 lbs2580 lbs2755 lbs2790 lbs2850 lbs2910 lbs
LT255/80R171945 lbs2135 lbs2320 lbs2535 lbs2670 lbs2835 lbs3000 lbs3065 lbs3130 lbs3195 lbs
LT255/85R16Dual1745 lbs1920 lbs2085 lbs2270 lbs2400 lbs2555 lbs2755 lbs2840 lbs2980 lbs3085 lbs
LT255/85R161920 lbs2110 lbs2290 lbs2470 lbs2635 lbs2805 lbs3000 lbs3120 lbs3275 lbs3415 lbs
LT265/60R18Dual1540 lbs1695 lbs1845 lbs1985 lbs2120 lbs2250 lbs2335 lbs2505 lbs2635 lbs2755 lbs
LT265/60R181695 lbs1865 lbs2025 lbs2205 lbs2330 lbs2475 lbs2600 lbs2755 lbs2895 lbs3000 lbs
LT265/60R20Dual1660 lbs1820 lbs1980 lbs2150 lbs2275 lbs2420 lbs2600 lbs2695 lbs2830 lbs2910 lbs
LT265/60R201825 lbs2000 lbs2175 lbs2335 lbs2500 lbs2660 lbs2835 lbs2960 lbs3110 lbs3195 lbs
LT265/65R17Dual1605 lbs1760 lbs1915 lbs2040 lbs2200 lbs2340 lbs2535 lbs2605 lbs2735 lbs2835 lbs
LT265/65R171765 lbs1935 lbs2105 lbs2270 lbs2420 lbs2570 lbs2755 lbs2865 lbs3005 lbs3085 lbs
LT265/65R18Dual1665 lbs1830 lbs1985 lbs2205 lbs2285 lbs2430 lbs2600 lbs2705 lbs2840 lbs3000 lbs
LT265/65R181830 lbs2010 lbs2180 lbs2405 lbs2510 lbs2670 lbs2835 lbs2970 lbs3120 lbs3305 lbs
LT265/70R15Dual1595 lbs1750 lbs1900 lbs2040 lbs
LT265/70R151750 lbs1925 lbs2090 lbs2270 lbs
LT265/70R16Dual1655 lbs1820 lbs1975 lbs2150 lbs2275 lbs2415 lbs2600 lbs2690 lbs2825 lbs2910 lbs
LT265/70R161820 lbs2000 lbs2170 lbs2335 lbs2500 lbs2655 lbs2835 lbs2955 lbs3105 lbs3195 lbs
LT265/70R17Dual1720 lbs1890 lbs2050 lbs2270 lbs2360 lbs2510 lbs2680 lbs2735 lbs2820 lbs2910 lbs
LT265/70R171890 lbs2075 lbs2255 lbs2470 lbs2595 lbs2760 lbs2910 lbs3005 lbs3100 lbs3195 lbs
LT265/70R18Dual1785 lbs1960 lbs2130 lbs2335 lbs2450 lbs2605 lbs2835 lbs2900 lbs3045 lbs3195 lbs
LT265/70R181960 lbs2155 lbs2340 lbs2535 lbs2690 lbs2860 lbs3085 lbs3185 lbs3345 lbs3525 lbs
LT265/75R15Dual1675 lbs1840 lbs1995 lbs2205 lbs
LT265/75R151840 lbs2020 lbs2195 lbs2405 lbs
LT265/75R16Dual1740 lbs1910 lbs2075 lbs2270 lbs2390 lbs2540 lbs2755 lbs2825 lbs2965 lbs3085 lbs
LT265/75R161910 lbs2100 lbs2280 lbs2470 lbs2625 lbs2790 lbs3000 lbs3105 lbs3260 lbs3415 lbs
LT275/55R20Dual1595 lbs1745 lbs1895 lbs2040 lbs2185 lbs2320 lbs2470 lbs2590 lbs2715 lbs2835 lbs
LT275/55R201750 lbs1920 lbs2085 lbs2270 lbs2400 lbs2550 lbs2680 lbs2845 lbs2985 lbs3085 lbs
LT275/60R20Dual1745 lbs1920 lbs2085 lbs2270 lbs2400 lbs2550 lbs2755 lbs2840 lbs2980 lbs3085 lbs
LT275/60R201920 lbs2110 lbs2290 lbs2470 lbs2635 lbs2800 lbs3000 lbs3120 lbs3275 lbs3415 lbs
LT275/65R17Dual1700 lbs1870 lbs2030 lbs2205 lbs2335 lbs2480 lbs2680 lbs2735 lbs2820 lbs2910 lbs
LT275/65R171870 lbs2055 lbs2230 lbs2405 lbs2565 lbs2725 lbs2910 lbs3005 lbs3100 lbs3195 lbs
LT275/65R18Dual1765 lbs1940 lbs2100 lbs2335 lbs2420 lbs2570 lbs2755 lbs2865 lbs3010 lbs3085 lbs
LT275/65R181940 lbs2130 lbs2310 lbs2535 lbs2660 lbs2825 lbs3000 lbs3150 lbs3305 lbs3415 lbs
LT275/65R20Dual1895 lbs2075 lbs2250 lbs2470 lbs2595 lbs2755 lbs2910 lbs3070 lbs3220 lbs3415 lbs
LT275/65R202080 lbs2280 lbs2475 lbs2680 lbs2850 lbs3030 lbs3195 lbs3375 lbs3540 lbs3750 lbs
LT275/70R16Dual1750 lbs1920 lbs2090 lbs2270 lbs2400 lbs2555 lbs2755 lbs
LT275/70R161925 lbs2110 lbs2295 lbs2470 lbs2640 lbs2805 lbs3000 lbs
LT275/70R17Dual1820 lbs1995 lbs2165 lbs2335 lbs2510 lbs2660 lbs2835 lbs2840 lbs2875 lbs2910 lbs
LT275/70R172000 lbs2195 lbs2380 lbs2600 lbs2760 lbs2925 lbs3085 lbs3120 lbs3160 lbs3195 lbs
LT275/70R18Dual1885 lbs2065 lbs2250 lbs2470 lbs2585 lbs2750 lbs2910 lbs3060 lbs3210 lbs3305 lbs
LT275/70R182070 lbs2270 lbs2470 lbs2680 lbs2840 lbs3020 lbs3195 lbs3360 lbs3530 lbs3640 lbs
LT285/50R20Dual1515 lbs1665 lbs1805 lbs1930 lbs2080 lbs2210 lbs2335 lbs2460 lbs2585 lbs2755 lbs
LT285/50R201665 lbs1830 lbs1985 lbs2150 lbs2285 lbs2430 lbs2600 lbs2705 lbs2840 lbs3000 lbs
LT285/50R22Dual1620 lbs1780 lbs1935 lbs2150 lbs2225 lbs2365 lbs2535 lbs2635 lbs2765 lbs2910 lbs
LT285/50R221780 lbs1955 lbs2125 lbs2335 lbs2445 lbs2600 lbs2755 lbs2895 lbs3040 lbs3195 lbs
LT285/55R20Dual1685 lbs1845 lbs2005 lbs2205 lbs2305 lbs2450 lbs2600 lbs2735 lbs2865 lbs3000 lbs
LT285/55R201850 lbs2030 lbs2205 lbs2405 lbs2535 lbs2695 lbs2835 lbs3005 lbs3150 lbs3305 lbs
LT285/55R22Dual1795 lbs1975 lbs2145 lbs2335 lbs2465 lbs2620 lbs2835 lbs2920 lbs3065 lbs3195 lbs
LT285/55R221975 lbs2170 lbs2355 lbs2535 lbs2710 lbs2880 lbs3085 lbs3210 lbs3370 lbs3525 lbs
LT285/60R161750 lbs1920 lbs2085 lbs2270 lbs
LT285/60R171820 lbs1995 lbs2170 lbs2335 lbs
LT285/60R18Dual1715 lbs1885 lbs2050 lbs2270 lbs2350 lbs2505 lbs2680 lbs2785 lbs2925 lbs3000 lbs
LT285/60R181885 lbs2070 lbs2250 lbs2470 lbs2585 lbs2750 lbs2910 lbs3060 lbs3215 lbs3305 lbs
LT285/60R20Dual1840 lbs2020 lbs2195 lbs2335 lbs2525 lbs2685 lbs2835 lbs2990 lbs3135 lbs3305 lbs
LT285/60R202020 lbs2220 lbs2410 lbs2600 lbs2775 lbs2950 lbs3085 lbs3285 lbs3445 lbs3640 lbs
LT285/65R18Dual1850 lbs2035 lbs2205 lbs2335 lbs2540 lbs2700 lbs2910 lbs3010 lbs3160 lbs3305 lbs
LT285/65R182035 lbs2235 lbs2425 lbs2600 lbs2790 lbs2965 lbs3195 lbs3305 lbs3470 lbs3640 lbs
LT285/65R20Dual1985 lbs2175 lbs2365 lbs2600 lbs2720 lbs2890 lbs3085 lbs3220 lbs3380 lbs3525 lbs
LT285/65R202180 lbs2390 lbs2600 lbs2835 lbs2990 lbs3175 lbs3415 lbs3540 lbs3715 lbs3860 lbs
LT285/70R15Dual1780 lbs1950 lbs2120 lbs2335 lbs2440 lbs2595 lbs2755 lbs
LT285/70R151955 lbs2145 lbs2330 lbs2535 lbs2680 lbs2850 lbs3000 lbs
LT285/70R16Dual1845 lbs2025 lbs2200 lbs2335 lbs2535 lbs2695 lbs2835 lbs3000 lbs3150 lbs3305 lbs
LT285/70R162030 lbs2225 lbs2420 lbs2600 lbs2785 lbs2960 lbs3085 lbs3295 lbs3460 lbs3640 lbs
LT285/70R17Dual1915 lbs2105 lbs2285 lbs2535 lbs2640 lbs2775 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs
LT285/70R172105 lbs2315 lbs2510 lbs2755 lbs2900 lbs3050 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs
LT285/70R18Dual1985 lbs2180 lbs2365 lbs2600 lbs2725 lbs2895 lbs3085 lbs3225 lbs3385 lbs3525 lbs
LT285/70R182180 lbs2395 lbs2600 lbs2835 lbs2995 lbs3180 lbs3415 lbs3545 lbs3720 lbs3860 lbs
LT285/75R16Dual1940 lbs2130 lbs2310 lbs2535 lbs2660 lbs2830 lbs3000 lbs3155 lbs3310 lbs3415 lbs
LT285/75R162130 lbs2340 lbs2540 lbs2755 lbs2925 lbs3110 lbs3305 lbs3465 lbs3635 lbs3750 lbs
LT285/75R17Dual2015 lbs2210 lbs2400 lbs2600 lbs2690 lbs2800 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs
LT285/75R172215 lbs2430 lbs2640 lbs2835 lbs2955 lbs3075 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs
LT285/75R18Dual2085 lbs2290 lbs2485 lbs2755 lbs2860 lbs3040 lbs3195 lbs3385 lbs3555 lbs3750 lbs
LT285/75R182290 lbs2515 lbs2730 lbs3000 lbs3145 lbs3340 lbs3525 lbs3720 lbs3905 lbs4080 lbs
LT295/40R24Dual1385 lbs1515 lbs1645 lbs1820 lbs1895 lbs2015 lbs2150 lbs2245 lbs2355 lbs2470 lbs
LT295/40R241520 lbs1665 lbs1810 lbs1985 lbs2085 lbs2215 lbs2335 lbs2465 lbs2590 lbs2680 lbs
LT295/45R24Dual1595 lbs1755 lbs1905 lbs2040 lbs2195 lbs2330 lbs2470 lbs2600 lbs2725 lbs2835 lbs
LT295/45R241755 lbs1930 lbs2095 lbs2270 lbs2410 lbs2560 lbs2680 lbs2855 lbs2995 lbs3085 lbs
LT295/55R20Dual1760 lbs1930 lbs2100 lbs2335 lbs2415 lbs2565 lbs2755 lbs2855 lbs3000 lbs3085 lbs
LT295/55R201935 lbs2120 lbs2305 lbs2535 lbs2655 lbs2820 lbs3000 lbs3140 lbs3295 lbs3415 lbs
LT295/60R20Dual1935 lbs2120 lbs2300 lbs2535 lbs2655 lbs2815 lbs3000 lbs3140 lbs3295 lbs3415 lbs
LT295/60R202125 lbs2330 lbs2530 lbs2755 lbs2915 lbs3095 lbs3305 lbs3450 lbs3620 lbs3750 lbs
LT295/65R18Dual1955 lbs2150 lbs2330 lbs2535 lbs2680 lbs2850 lbs3000 lbs3175 lbs3330 lbs3525 lbs
LT295/65R182150 lbs2360 lbs2560 lbs2755 lbs2945 lbs3130 lbs3305 lbs3490 lbs3660 lbs3860 lbs
LT295/65R20Dual2095 lbs2300 lbs2495 lbs2755 lbs2870 lbs3050 lbs3195 lbs3400 lbs3565 lbs3750 lbs
LT295/65R202300 lbs2525 lbs2740 lbs3000 lbs3155 lbs3350 lbs3525 lbs3735 lbs3920 lbs4080 lbs
LT295/70R17Dual2015 lbs2215 lbs2405 lbs2680 lbs2735 lbs2820 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs
LT295/70R172215 lbs2435 lbs2645 lbs2910 lbs3005 lbs3100 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs
LT295/70R18Dual2090 lbs2295 lbs2490 lbs2755 lbs2865 lbs3045 lbs3195 lbs3395 lbs3560 lbs3750 lbs
LT295/70R182295 lbs2520 lbs2735 lbs3000 lbs3150 lbs3345 lbs3525 lbs3730 lbs3910 lbs4080 lbs
LT295/75R16Dual2040 lbs2240 lbs2430 lbs2680 lbs2795 lbs2970 lbs3085 lbs3310 lbs3470 lbs3640 lbs
LT295/75R162240 lbs2460 lbs2670 lbs2910 lbs3070 lbs3265 lbs3415 lbs3635 lbs3815 lbs3970 lbs
LT295/75R17Dual2110 lbs2320 lbs2520 lbs2755 lbs2790 lbs2850 lbs2910 lbs
LT295/75R172320 lbs2550 lbs2770 lbs3000 lbs3065 lbs3130 lbs3195 lbs
LT305/35R26Dual1355 lbs1430 lbs1550 lbs1710 lbs1790 lbs1895 lbs1985 lbs
LT305/35R261475 lbs1570 lbs1705 lbs1875 lbs1965 lbs2085 lbs2205 lbs
LT305/45R24Dual1710 lbs1830 lbs1985 lbs2205 lbs2285 lbs2425 lbs2600 lbs
LT305/45R241875 lbs2010 lbs2180 lbs2405 lbs2510 lbs2665 lbs2835 lbs
LT305/50R22Dual1820 lbs1955 lbs2125 lbs2335 lbs2445 lbs2600 lbs2755 lbs
LT305/50R221985 lbs2150 lbs2335 lbs2535 lbs2685 lbs2855 lbs3000 lbs
LT305/55R20Dual1930 lbs2035 lbs2205 lbs2470 lbs2545 lbs2705 lbs2910 lbs
LT305/55R202095 lbs2235 lbs2425 lbs2680 lbs2795 lbs2970 lbs3195 lbs
LT305/60R18Dual1930 lbs2080 lbs2255 lbs2470 lbs2600 lbs2760 lbs2910 lbs
LT305/60R182150 lbs2285 lbs2480 lbs2680 lbs2855 lbs3035 lbs3195 lbs
LT305/60R20Dual2040 lbs2225 lbs2415 lbs2680 lbs2780 lbs2960 lbs3085 lbs
LT305/60R202270 lbs2445 lbs2655 lbs2910 lbs3055 lbs3250 lbs3415 lbs
LT305/65R17Dual1985 lbs2170 lbs2355 lbs2600 lbs2690 lbs2800 lbs2910 lbs
LT305/65R172205 lbs2385 lbs2590 lbs2835 lbs2955 lbs3075 lbs3195 lbs
LT305/65R18Dual2150 lbs2250 lbs2440 lbs2680 lbs2805 lbs2985 lbs3195 lbs
LT305/65R182335 lbs2470 lbs2680 lbs2910 lbs3085 lbs3280 lbs3525 lbs
LT305/70R16Dual2040 lbs2245 lbs2440 lbs2680 lbs2805 lbs2980 lbs3195 lbs3320 lbs3485 lbs3640 lbs
LT305/70R162270 lbs2465 lbs2680 lbs2910 lbs3085 lbs3275 lbs3525 lbs3650 lbs3830 lbs3970 lbs
LT305/70R17Dual2205 lbs2330 lbs2530 lbs2755 lbs2790 lbs2850 lbs2910 lbs
LT305/70R172405 lbs2560 lbs2780 lbs3000 lbs3065 lbs3130 lbs3195 lbs
LT305/70R18Dual2270 lbs2405 lbs2615 lbs2835 lbs3010 lbs3200 lbs3415 lbs
LT305/70R182470 lbs2645 lbs2875 lbs3085 lbs3310 lbs3515 lbs3750 lbs
LT305/75R16Dual2205 lbs2360 lbs2565 lbs2835 lbs2955 lbs3135 lbs3305 lbs
LT305/75R162405 lbs2595 lbs2820 lbs3085 lbs3245 lbs3445 lbs3640 lbs
LT305/75R18Dual2335 lbs2530 lbs2750 lbs3000 lbs3160 lbs3360 lbs3640 lbs
LT305/75R182600 lbs2780 lbs3020 lbs3305 lbs3475 lbs3695 lbs3970 lbs
LT315/45R22Dual1710 lbs1800 lbs1955 lbs2150 lbs2250 lbs2395 lbs2535 lbs
LT315/45R221875 lbs1980 lbs2150 lbs2335 lbs2470 lbs2630 lbs2755 lbs
LT315/45R24Dual1820 lbs1920 lbs2085 lbs2270 lbs2400 lbs2550 lbs2755 lbs
LT315/45R241985 lbs2110 lbs2290 lbs2470 lbs2635 lbs2800 lbs3000 lbs
LT315/50R20Dual1820 lbs1915 lbs2080 lbs2270 lbs
LT315/50R201985 lbs2105 lbs2285 lbs2470 lbs
LT315/50R22Dual1930 lbs2050 lbs2220 lbs2470 lbs2555 lbs2715 lbs2910 lbs
LT315/50R222095 lbs2250 lbs2440 lbs2680 lbs2810 lbs2985 lbs3195 lbs
LT315/50R24Dual1985 lbs2175 lbs2360 lbs2600 lbs2720 lbs2890 lbs3085 lbs
LT315/50R242205 lbs2390 lbs2595 lbs2835 lbs2990 lbs3175 lbs3415 lbs
LT315/55R161875 lbs2020 lbs2195 lbs2405 lbs
LT315/60R20Dual2205 lbs2335 lbs2535 lbs2755 lbs2915 lbs3100 lbs3305 lbs
LT315/60R202405 lbs2565 lbs2785 lbs3000 lbs3205 lbs3405 lbs3640 lbs
LT315/70R15Dual2150 lbs2275 lbs2470 lbs2680 lbs
LT315/70R152335 lbs2500 lbs2715 lbs2910 lbs
LT315/70R16Dual2205 lbs2355 lbs2560 lbs2835 lbs
LT315/70R162405 lbs2590 lbs2815 lbs3085 lbs
LT315/70R17Dual2335 lbs2445 lbs2655 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs2910 lbs
LT315/70R172535 lbs2685 lbs2915 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs3195 lbs
LT315/70R18Dual2335 lbs2530 lbs2745 lbs3000 lbs3160 lbs3360 lbs3525 lbs
LT315/70R182600 lbs2780 lbs3015 lbs3305 lbs3470 lbs3690 lbs3860 lbs
LT315/70R20Dual2535 lbs2700 lbs2930 lbs3195 lbs3370 lbs3580 lbs3680 lbs
LT315/70R202755 lbs2965 lbs3220 lbs3525 lbs3705 lbs3935 lbs4190 lbs
LT315/75R16Dual2335 lbs2470 lbs2685 lbs2910 lbs3090 lbs3285 lbs3525 lbs
LT315/75R162535 lbs2715 lbs2950 lbs3195 lbs3395 lbs3610 lbs3860 lbs
LT325/45R221930 lbs2055 lbs2235 lbs2405 lbs2570 lbs2730 lbs2910 lbs
LT325/45R242040 lbs2190 lbs2380 lbs2600 lbs2735 lbs2910 lbs3085 lbs
LT325/50R202040 lbs2200 lbs2390 lbs2600 lbs2750 lbs2920 lbs3085 lbs
LT325/50R222205 lbs2350 lbs2550 lbs2755 lbs2935 lbs3120 lbs3305 lbs
LT325/55R22Dual2270 lbs2375 lbs2580 lbs2835 lbs
LT325/55R222470 lbs2610 lbs2835 lbs3085 lbs
LT325/60R152095 lbs
LT325/60R18Dual2150 lbs2285 lbs2480 lbs2755 lbs2855 lbs3035 lbs3195 lbs
LT325/60R182335 lbs2510 lbs2725 lbs3000 lbs3135 lbs3335 lbs3525 lbs
LT325/60R20Dual2335 lbs2440 lbs2655 lbs2910 lbs3050 lbs3240 lbs3415 lbs
LT325/60R202535 lbs2680 lbs2915 lbs3195 lbs3350 lbs3560 lbs3750 lbs
LT325/60R222680 lbs2855 lbs3100 lbs3415 lbs3570 lbs3795 lbs3970 lbs
LT325/65R18Dual2335 lbs2470 lbs2680 lbs2910 lbs3085 lbs3280 lbs3525 lbs
LT325/65R182535 lbs2715 lbs2945 lbs3195 lbs3390 lbs3605 lbs3860 lbs
LT325/70R172600 lbs2800 lbs2995 lbs3195 lbs
LT325/75R20Dual2835 lbs2965 lbs3220 lbs3525 lbs
LT325/75R203085 lbs3260 lbs3540 lbs3860 lbs
LT325/80R16Dual2535 lbs2705 lbs2935 lbs3195 lbs
LT325/80R162755 lbs2970 lbs3225 lbs3525 lbs
LT335/35R261655 lbs1765 lbs1915 lbs2095 lbs2205 lbs2345 lbs2470 lbs
LT335/40R241820 lbs1975 lbs2145 lbs2335 lbs2470 lbs2625 lbs2755 lbs
LT335/55R202405 lbs2550 lbs2765 lbs3000 lbs3185 lbs3385 lbs3640 lbs
LT335/55R222535 lbs2715 lbs2950 lbs3195 lbs
LT335/70R162680 lbs2845 lbs3090 lbs3415 lbs3560 lbs3780 lbs3970 lbs
LT345/55R162150 lbs2325 lbs2525 lbs2755 lbs
LT345/55R172270 lbs2410 lbs2620 lbs2835 lbs
LT345/60R182535 lbs2745 lbs2980 lbs3195 lbs
LT345/75R162910 lbs3135 lbs3405 lbs3750 lbs
LT355/40R221875 lbs2010 lbs2180 lbs2405 lbs2510 lbs2665 lbs2835 lbs2970 lbs3115 lbs3305 lbs
LT355/60R202835 lbs3055 lbs3315 lbs3640 lbs3750 lbs3860 lbs3970 lbs
LT355/65R182910 lbs3110 lbs3375 lbs3640 lbs3750 lbs3860 lbs3970 lbs
LT355/70R16Dual2680 lbs2835 lbs3075 lbs3305 lbs
LT355/70R162910 lbs3115 lbs3380 lbs3640 lbs
LT355/70R17Dual2755 lbs2790 lbs2850 lbs2910 lbs
LT355/70R173000 lbs3065 lbs3130 lbs3195 lbs
LT365/70R16Dual2755 lbs2960 lbs3210 lbs3525 lbs
LT365/70R163000 lbs3250 lbs3530 lbs3860 lbs
LT365/75R163195 lbs
LT375/40R242150 lbs2305 lbs2505 lbs2755 lbs2880 lbs3065 lbs3195 lbs3410 lbs3580 lbs3750 lbs
LT375/45R222335 lbs2525 lbs2740 lbs3000 lbs3155 lbs3350 lbs3525 lbs3675 lbs3820 lbs3970 lbs
LT375/50R18Dual2150 lbs2300 lbs2500 lbs2755 lbs2875 lbs3055 lbs3195 lbs
LT375/50R182335 lbs2530 lbs2745 lbs3000 lbs3160 lbs3355 lbs3525 lbs
LT375/55R16Dual2270 lbs2395 lbs2600 lbs2835 lbs2990 lbs3175 lbs3415 lbs
LT375/55R162470 lbs2630 lbs2855 lbs3085 lbs3285 lbs3490 lbs3750 lbs
LT375/60R18Dual2680 lbs2830 lbs3070 lbs3305 lbs
LT375/60R182910 lbs3110 lbs3375 lbs3640 lbs
LT375/65R16Dual2680 lbs2880 lbs3125 lbs3415 lbs
LT375/65R162910 lbs3165 lbs3435 lbs3750 lbs
LT385/70R163305 lbs3535 lbs3840 lbs4190 lbs
LT395/65R18Dual3085 lbs
LT395/65R183415 lbs
LT395/70R16Dual3085 lbs
LT395/70R163415 lbs

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