Tire Brand: Hankook

Tire Model: Dynapro AS RH03

Check Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tire size chart to find maximum tire inflation as set by manufacturer for your Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tire size. Remember that tire pressure value printed on Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tire sidewall is a maximum tire pressure that Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tire can support when carrying its maximum weight capacity, and it is not a recommended tire pressure setting for your vehicle.

Keep in mind that Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tires can naturally lose 1 to 2 psi of tire pressure monthly, so check Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tire pressure regularly to keep tires inflated at recommended level.

Tire pressure is also affected by changes in temperature. As a rule, tire pressure for Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tires will change by about 1 psi for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit change in atmospheric temperature. Maintain proper Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 winter tire pressure by compensating air pressure to your vehicle's recommended tire pressure level when temperatures drop.

Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 Tire Inflation Chart

Hankook Dynapro AS RH03 tire pressure chart with maximum tire inflation for each tire size.

Tire Size Load Index Speed Rating Max Tire Pressure
215/75R16 101 S 44 psi
225/75R16 104 S 44 psi
235/70R17 108 S 44 psi
235/75R16 106 S 44 psi
255/65R17 108 S 44 psi
265/70R17 113 S 44 psi
275/60R17 110 S 44 psi
LT215/85R16 115 Q 80 psi
LT235/75R15 104 Q 50 psi
LT235/80R17 117 R 80 psi
LT245/70R17 116 R 80 psi
LT245/75R16 116 R 80 psi
P235/65R17 103 T 44 psi
P245/70R16 107 S 44 psi
P255/70R16 109 S 44 psi
P255/70R18 112 T 44 psi

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