Recommended tire inflation pressure values corresponding to tire's weight load in pounds (lbs) per single tire for euro-metric tire sizes.

Tire SizeTire Load Index26 psi27 psi28 psi29 psi30 psi31 psi32 psi33 psi34 psi35 psi36 psi37 psi38 psi39 psi40 psi41 psi42 psi
145R1272664 lbs685 lbs705 lbs725 lbs745 lbs765 lbs783 lbs
145R13702 lbs723 lbs745 lbs766 lbs787 lbs808 lbs827 lbs
155R1276749 lbs772 lbs794 lbs817 lbs839 lbs862 lbs882 lbs
155R13795 lbs820 lbs844 lbs868 lbs892 lbs916 lbs937 lbs
155R15889 lbs916 lbs943 lbs970 lbs997 lbs1023 lbs1047 lbs
165R13858 lbs884 lbs910 lbs936 lbs962 lbs988 lbs1013 lbs
165R14903 lbs931 lbs958 lbs986 lbs1013 lbs1040 lbs1066 lbs
165R15957 lbs987 lbs1016 lbs1045 lbs1073 lbs1102 lbs1130 lbs
175R141011 lbs1042 lbs1073 lbs1104 lbs1134 lbs1164 lbs1194 lbs
185R131011 lbs1042 lbs1073 lbs1104 lbs1134 lbs1164 lbs1194 lbs
185R141084 lbs1117 lbs1150 lbs1183 lbs1215 lbs1247 lbs1280 lbs
195R141174 lbs1210 lbs1246 lbs1281 lbs1316 lbs1351 lbs1386 lbs
215R151352 lbs1393 lbs1434 lbs1475 lbs1516 lbs1556 lbs1596 lbs1636 lbs1675 lbs1715 lbs1754 lbs1754 lbs1754 lbs1754 lbs1754 lbs1754 lbs1754 lbs

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