Posted by Angela Sharpe on February 02, 2017

My husband is a mechanic, and he and I have this argument about the tire pressure and he keeps setting my Camaro's tire pressure to 45 psi all around when I ask him to put them at 36 psi all around. HELP, I need solid proof to show him that I know what I'm talking about!!!

Answers / Replies
  • Posted by Serge on February 02, 2017

    Tire inflation indicated on the tire's sidewall is NOT a recommended tire pressure for your vehicle. It is a maximum tire pressure value that tire can be inflated to support its maximum load carrying capacity. Unless your vehicle is carrying its maximum allowed load, you should not inflate tires to their maximum. Instead use the recommended tire pressure indicated in vehicle's manual or on the side of the door. It is ok to overinflate your tires by a few psi, but if your car's recommended tire pressure is 36 psi, and you are not driving with a lot of extra load - do not overinflate your tires to 45 psi. This can damage the tires, wear them out faster, result in reduced control of your vehicle, especially at high speeds and when cornering, and increase risk of hydroplaning. Hope this helps!

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