Posted by Tim Chung on November 28, 2016

What will be the best tyre pressure for 22 inches Continental CrossContact UHP tyres installed on 2014 BMW X5 F15 X30D, front tyre size 275/35/22, rear tyre size 315/30/22? Also, how about best tyre pressure in for 21 inches Michelin PSS, 285/35/21 and 325/30/21?

Answers / Replies
  • Posted by Serge on December 01, 2017

    Recommended tire pressure for 2014 BMW X5 F15 X30D with 22" tires is 35-36 psi or 2.2 bar for front tires and 42-44 psi or 2.8 bar for rear tires. For 21" tires it would be 29-30 psi or 2.0 bar for front tires and 38-40 psi or 2.6 bar for rear tires. If you your vehicle is going to carry extra weight, you can add a few more psi on both front and rear tires.

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