Posted by Rodcliff Woodye on November 30, 2016

I have a 2007 Yukon Denali and I have been hearing I need to keep the tire pressure at 40 psi front and rear at all times. Can you please tell how much psi it should be in cold and hot weather?

Answers / Replies
  • Posted by Serge on November 30, 2016

    Your hot and cold weather pressure should be same as recommended by vehicle manufacturer all year round. Your tire pressure will change with atmospheric temperature changes - when temperature goes up, so does your tire pressure, when temperature drops, tire pressure drops too. You have to maintain recommended tire pressure in your tires by adjusting tire inflation as needed. Just make sure you measure your tire pressure when your car is "cold" meaning when it has not been driven for at least 3-4 hours, preferably first thing in the morning. Also, recommended tire pressure for 2007 Chevrolet Yukon Denali is 30 psi for 265/65R18 tires and 32 psi for 275/55R20 tires.

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