Posted by Khan on January 11, 2017

How to reset TPMS on Toyota Highlander 2008. Need help on this.

Answers / Replies
  • Posted by Serge on January 11, 2017

    Toyota Highlander 2008 has a direct TPMS system that features a reset switch or button labeled “SET” located at the lower right side of the dash under the steering wheel or in the glove box. Whenever you change the set tire pressure, for example when changing to a new tire size, you have to initialize TPMS with the new settings. If you have vehicle manual, there should be step by step guide on how to reset tire pressure monitoring system. If not, follow these steps: 1. Park your car in a safe place and turn the ignition switch to “LOCK” position. 2. Adjust tire pressure of all four tires to the recommended tire inflation pressure level. 3. Turn the ignition key to “ON” position. 4. Push and hold tire pressure warning reset switch or button until tire pressure warning light blinks slowly THREE times. 5. Leave the system with the ignition switch in “ON” position for a few minutes, and then turn ignition key to “LOCK” position. Hope this helps. Let me know if it worked.

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