Posted by Video-calibrator on July 22, 2018

*CORRECTION SUBMISSION* - 2000 Dodge 3500 Van On this site it suggests F: 55 R: 80psi. On our church's van driver door pillar sticker it suggests F: 45 R: 80psi.

Answers / Replies
  • Posted by Jadatis on August 07, 2018

    In 2000 american tire and car- makers calculated the pressures with a formula that came to lower pressure for the same load. As late as 2006 America stepped over for P tires in SL andXL to the calculation that is used for all kind of tires in Europe since decades. That explanes the front and 55 psi wil be the savest advice. Rear is set at 80 psi , because rear is fully loaded mostly overloaded. Ohh.... now realise the 80 psi is the pressure needed for maxload of an E-load tire, so 45 can be for OEM P-tires and E load LT-tire needs higher pressure for same load then P , because its stiffer and so with same deflection lesser surface on the ground. To make this story short, for normal use ,so only driver and a little load 55 psi could prove to be OK. But if you give me details, I can calculate a safe cold pressure for your situation.

  • Posted by Video-calibrator on August 11, 2018

    Thanks, but I think we will just go by what is on the van door pillar placard. That's what it's there for. Should correct accordingly on this site.

  • Posted by Chris on October 03, 2018

    Basic question: What EVER DAY tire pressure should I maintain for my TUNDRA 4X4 Michelin P275/65R18?

  • Posted by Serge on October 18, 2018

    According to our data, recommended tire pressure for Toyota Tundra with tire size 275/65R18 is 30 psi for front tires and 33 psi for rear tires.

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