Brand: Auto Rim Shop
$54.99 $54.99

This is a brand new TPMS Sensor for a 2012 GMC Sierra Denali. Consult your 2012 GMC Sierra Denali Owner's Manual for the correct installation and re-learn procedures.

Do not forget a GMC center cap to compliment your GMC Sierra Denali wheel rim and GMC Sierra Denali TPMS Sensor. We also offer wheel and tire packages with new brand name tires, new TPMS sensors, and new center caps that will fit your GMC Sierra Denali. We install the sensor as well as mount and balance the tire before shipping, so you recieve GMC wheels that are road ready. If you are interested, please inquire with one of our customer service representatives; we would be happy to put together the right package for you.

All of our TPMS Sensors are backed by our Auto Rim Shop Guarantee. Our guarantee ensures you recieve the best possible quality sensor.If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to accept a return on your GMC TPMS Sensor in unused condition within 30 days of delivery. Please just let our customer service center know and we will be happy to make things right.

  • This is a brand new replacement TPMS Sensor for a 2012 GMC Sierra Denali
  • Programmed to be read by your 2012 GMC Sierra Denali for seamless installation
  • Enhances the safety and stability of your vehicle
  • Meets or exceeds the quality of the OEM counterpart
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