Brand: geeWOW Auto
$10.95 $10.95

Introducing the geeWOW Tire Pressure Gauge by geeWOW Auto

The geeWOW Auto Compact Tire Pressure Gauge Has The Following Features:
• Rugged Rubber Protective Guard - Built to last FOREVER.
• Reset Pressure Button - readings lock in place until the reset button is pushed.
• Air Bleeder Valve - Reduce air pressure in overinflated tires.
• 360-Degree Swivel Chuck - connecting to your tire valve from any angle has never been easier.
• 0-60 PSI Easy To Read Compact Dial - High contrast dial is easy-to-read in both black and white versions
• Precision Accuracy - calibrated to the highest Accuracy Standards


SAVE MONEY ON GAS - maintaining correct tire pressure maximizes fuel efficiency and money at the pump

SAVE MONEY ON TIRES - dramatically reduce tire wear

GET BETTER HANDLING - regular tire monitoring insures maximum vehicle performance

KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE - regularly checking tire pressure insures vehicle performance. Under-inflated tires is the leading cause of tire failure.

  • HEAVY DUTY SOLID COMPONENTS shielded by a rugged rubber protective guard cover!
  • TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE IS TESTED AND CALIBRATED TO HIGH AMERICAN STANDARDS. Get fast and precise tire pressure readings without relying on batteries or digital components
  • 60 PSI GAUGE IS EQUIPPED WITH A BUILT-IN AIR BLEEDER VALVE to reduce pressure in overinflated tires - 360-degree easy access tire valve swivel allows for readings from any angle
  • COMPACT DIAL FEATURES EASY-TO-READ 60 PSI SINGLE INCREMENTAL SCALE FOR ULTRA-ACCURATE READINGS - LOCK IN PLACE feature locks readings until the pressure reset button on the neck of the gauge is pushed
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