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The Tire Pressure Gauge By FamilyTool Automotive is an essential tool for any vehicle. Perfect for taking tire pressure readings from car, motorcycle, RV, ATV and bicycle tires. The tool’s durable and functional design is recommended by mechanics and gives you consistent tire pressure readings every time you need them.

Properly inflated tires are an important and often neglected safety feature for cars. Properly inflated tires also improve driving comfort, handling and will save you money on gas! This convenient tool allows you to check your tire pressure anytime, anywhere.


- Built with durable, tough material

- Accurate readings for your vehicle's tires

- Convenient and easy to use

- Battery free, so it always works

- Comfortable to hold

- Manual air bleed button for over inflated tires

- Peace of mind

Air pressure in tires fluctuates often, make sure your tires are properly inflated by checking them with the Tire Pressure Gauge by FamilyTool Automotive.

What you'll get when you click BUY!

- Professional grade analog Tire Pressure Gauge

- Large and easy to read analog display 0-60 psi with high contrast

- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction with Reinforced Extended Hose and 360 degree Swivel Chuck to Read the Pressure from Any Angle

- Built in Manual Bleeder Valve for precise Tire Adjustment

- 100% Mechanical Parts, No Battery needed.

- No Leak Technology.

At FamilyTool Automotive we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t love the product for any reason, contact us and we'll make sure that you’re happy.
  • PERFECTLY CALIBRATED AND ACCURATE - Tested to specifications of the American National Standards Institute and recommended by mechanics. The unique and trusted design is engineered to give you a quick, reliable tire pressure reading for your car, suv, atv, rv, truck, bicycle or motorcycle in any conditions.
  • RUGGED ALL WEATHER DESIGN - The tire gauge is made with professional grade steel and flexible mechanic grade rubber. The Large, high contrast dial face reads up to 60 PSI and is attached to a unique 360 degree swivel that makes reading your tire pressure easy at any angle. Assembled with durable and tough materials, the tool can take a beating and still perform when you need it most.
  • SIMPLE, EASY TO USE FUNCTIONS - The flexible hose conveniently reaches all your car's tire valves from any angle. The easy to read pressure scale holds the pressure reading after the tool has been taken off the valve and can be manually reset. A manual air bleed button integrated into the tool allows for the controlled release of air for over inflated tires.
  • NO BATTERY REQUIRED - The portable tire gauge runs without batteries, ensuring consistent and exact readings in any conditions, without the fear of digital failure.
  • HAPPY CUSTOMERS ONLY - We want you to love the product. Our easy 100% return policy is designed with customer service in mind. If you have any questions or issues don't hesitate to contact us.
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