Brand: SUMK
$19.99 $19.99
Main Functions:

1.The tire pressure gauge can make you drive safely

2.A simple push button turns the unit on and selects measurement ranges

Instantly receive an accurate tire pressure reading in psi, bar, kg/c㎡, and KPA all at the press of a button!

3.Prevent tire wear, and easy to operate.

Pressure value-copper core gas mouth, strong sealing

3.Compact but sturdy design

Compact enough to easily fit into your glove box or backpack, but sturdy enough that you'll be able to depend on it for the long haul!


●4.1 inches / 1.8 inches

● 1 BAR=14.223PSI=100KPA=1.019kg/ c㎡

Warm Tips:

1.This tyre pressure gauge is suitable for Schrader valves, rather than Presta valves.

2.In order to get a good seal, please put the tyre air nozzle was up or off to the side.

3.The tire value cap is unscewed

4.The tire pressure gauge head buckle is in the value

5.If the tire pressure gauge is too high, you can press the release value, adjust to the appropriate tire pressure

6.After the measurement is finished, screw the value back into the tire and press the release value to return the tire pressure gauge pointer to zero
  • This mechanical tire gauge is calibrated to ANSI B40.1 Grade B (2%) international accuracy standard to ensure you get an accurate reading. In addition it features an integrated bleed button for precise tire pressure adjustment of over inflated tires.
  • It features a steel and brass construction with an extended 5mm chuck tip, so you get a great seal with no air leakage. This robust and durable precision automotive tool is also surrounded by a rubber cover, so it is protected from drops and is easy to grip.
  • With a 360 degree angled rotating nozzle, enabling you to take a reading from a tire valve at any angle. The large easy to read scale and pressure holding function that keeps the reading on the gauge even after it has been taken off the valve, This top-rated, professional tire monitoring system is easy to use and is reliable in all weather conditions. A perfect accessory for your car, motorcycle, truck, bike, SUV, RV or ATV - it will not let you down.
  • With a 45 degree angled and fully swivelling chuck. Tire pressure too high? Our built in relief valve allows you to press the bleed button whilst the gauge is still on the tire valve, releasing air until you reach the exact target required.
  • The perfect gift for men or women, ideal for Fathers Day or Christmas. Buy with confidence today and get our best auto device 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
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