Brand: RE LAB INC.
$29.95 $13.75

Why buy the RE LAB INC. Pro Series EX Tire Pressure Gauge with 1 foot extended hose?

MEASUREMENT RANGE OF 0-60 PSI - perfect range for any car, truck, RV, bicycles or motorcycle!
LARGE 2 INCH HIGH-CONTRAST DIAL - Black lettering on white background for
NO FUSS MEASUREMENTS! 360 DEGREE SWIVEL HOSE & CHUCK - so the gauge can be used and read easily at ALL angles
RE-ENFORCED RUBBER HOSE - no air leakage, built to last!
RUBBER PROTECTED GAUGE - protects your gauge from drops and knocks!
INTEGRATED BLEED BUTTON - for precise tire deflation adjustments!
MECHANICAL GAUGE 0-60 PSI - performs reliably and accurately for years (without batteries!)
SAVE MONEY ON TIRES! - preventing over/under inflation dramatically reduces tire wear
SAVE MONEY ON FUEL! - maintaining your tires at the correct pressure can save you $100's
GET BETTER HANDLING - regular tire monitoring ensures optimum vehicle performance
KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE - under inflation is the most common cause of tire failure


  • Home Mechanics - Get accurate and precise tire pressures every time with our NEW Pro Series EX Model Tire Air Pressure Gauge with a 1 foot reinforced rubber hose.
  • ACCURACY = ANSI B 40.1 Grade B 3-2-3% ( This means that the lower and upper 1/4 of the scale has 3% accuracy and the middle 1/2 is 2% accurate.)
  • Easy to Use - Just press against the valve stem and check the analog dial! Adjust air pressure with the integrated bleeder button. This model features a large 2 inch analog dial, 360* swivel chuck with a 45* extended head.
  • Keep your car running at top efficiency! Did you know the wrong tire pressure can lead to bad gas mileage?
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