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Prevent Tire Problems & Be Prepared for the Unthinkable: A 2in1 Digital Tire Gauge + Car Emergency Tool To Watch Your Tire Pressures and Drive Prepared

•Are you sick trying to find a tire gauge every time at the pump, just to check your tire pressures?
•Are you done with those cheap, too small flimsy tire gauges and car window hammers out there?

Driving with Underinflated Tires Causes:
- Poor traction and grip
- Misaligned steering behavior
- Decreased fuel economy
- Decreased tire longevity
- Increased AND uneven tire wear
- Decreases tire-change intervals

-->A Poor/Small Window Hammer Will:
- Possibly NOT Break A Window
- Put You and Your Loved Ones In Danger

Introducing the RS-Tec T1 Tire gauge & Car Escape Tool: Check Your Tire Pressures Immediately, Anywhere & Be Safely Equipped:

- No more Gas Station Pressure Gauges
- Maximize Traction
- Minimize Tire Change Intervals
- Save on your Gas bill
- Prevent Misalignment Behavior
- Cut a Seatbelt
- Smash a Side Window and Escape
- Great Gift Idea
- High Quality Tool - Sturdy Grip - Good Sealing on the Valve -
- Has a Build-in flashlight for low-light conditions

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  • ☑️ -3 PACK DIGITAL TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE: max:110 PSI / 7BAR *Save Money on Fuel* Improve your car's mileage & preserve tires by checking your tire pressure using the accurate tire gauge, with programmable alarm function: beeps when under or above set pressure, for use on a cars, minivans or minitrucks, auto shut's-off in 30sec
  • ☑️ CAR EMERGENCY WINDOW BREAKER / HAMMER: Better to be safe then sorry, secure yourself or loved ones: use the car escape glassbreaker to break a car's side window in case of an emergency. Equipped with a bigger pointed smasher compared to other products.
  • ☑️ SEAT BELT CUTTER: Cut a seatbelt in an emergency when seconds count with a razor sharp build-in knife. Hopefully you will never need it
  • ☑️ SMALL LED LIGHT: Illuminate the valve in dark conditions with the LED light. WORKS ON 2 AAA + BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED) Easily replaceable via the cover on the back.
  • ☑️ 3 IN 1 CAR SAFETY TOOL: All you really need in your car - a rescuetool / survivaltool which is not supplied by the car's manufacturer - Combines with Stanley J5C09 1000, any portable tire inflator unit, portable compressor, any family survival kit.-Alternative to the well known: TEKTON 5941, AstroAI, ipow, Accutire MS-4021B lifehammer, michelin, tiretek or resqme keychain tools
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