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Why we have to keep a air pump in our car?

Tire inflator pump is a car maintenance expert. It¡¯s the first step of car maintenance to maintain normal tire pressure. In our daily life, we should pay attention to the maintenance of good tires, because maintain normal tire pressure is related our driving safety! So we think that the car is equipped with an inflatable pump is very necessary. Meanwhlie, the tire pressure changes with the weather, so we can check the tire pressure through the portable air compressor on time, to ensure the tires should be inflated or deflated. It¡¯s very convenient.
Whether you're traveling with an RV, or with a bicycle, a flat tire is still a big problem. That's why we made our compressor compatible with any kind of tire.


Work Voltage:DC12 V
Maximum Work Current:10A
Maximum Pressure:150PSI
Air Flow:35L/min
Power Cord Length:300cm
Continuous Work Time:8min


1.Please put the cigarette lighter to 12v DC car-adaptor and start the car
2. Three meters long power cable can be easily connected to the front and rear tires.
3. Please screw the nozzle onto the inflated tire needs air.
4.Key instruction: ¡°R¡±is the unit conversion key,¡±-¡±is the decreasing button,¡±+¡± the increasing button.To press ¡°-¡±or ¡°+¡± to enter preset mode.
5.This air pump preset mode is 30PSI.You can press¡°+¡±or ¡°-¡± to adjust it.
6.Please wait 3 minutes when you adjust preset mode.And quit preset mode to test the current pressure.
7.Pump to the set value, the pump will stop by automatically.
8.Please turn off the switch and open again when you need to inflate.
9.Please reuse it after 10 minutes pausing per 8 minutes working.


1 * GRANDO portable digital display inflatable pump
1 * Manual
1 * Fuse
1 *Metal nozzle needle
1 *Red nozzle needle
1 *Blue nozzle needle
  • 【AUTO SHUT-OFF】This portable air compressor pump with light uses inflate right technonology to automatically shut off when the proper tire pressure is reached. simply set the desired pressure level and press the "on" button. When the set pressure is reached, the inflator automatically shuts off.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】 Exquisite workmanship, one-time molding, more solid. The movement of our inflator will also comes with brass coarse coil that makes it safe, stable, noiseless and durable.
  • 【SAMPLE FOR USING】 The type of cigarette socket, can be inserted directly, 3M line length to facilitate the front and rear tire inflation. Automatically and rapidly inflated. One-touch switch Just press start to start work, press close to stop, make air compressor pump convenient to use.
  • 【HANDY AND CONVENIENCE】 portable tire inflator with portable compact design makes it easy to lift, easy to carry around, keep this mini air compressor and tire air inflator in your trunk, use it anytime you need.
  • 【MULTI-PURPOSE APPAPPLICATION】 - tire pump comes with 3 different tips, which makes it perfect for cars, bikes, motorcycles, RV, SUV, ATV and truck. Also, sports equipment and inflatables adaptors included.
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