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Flashlight tire gauge emergency tool

1.Tire pressure measuring when car is unused status.
2.Turn on the gadget by push"ON" button, LCD will display "0.0"
3.Direct the are faucet to tire air valve and press in.Make sure no air leakage. Hold the position until get stable value on LCD.
4.The value measured will be kept for seconds, then disappear automatically.
5.Push "ON" for 3 seconds to turn off.
4 types of pressure unit:PSI ( fit US), BAR(fit EUROPE), KPa (fit Southeast Asia), KG/CM2 (fit China), all these can be changed by pushing ON button.
7.Slip switch to turn on LED light and flashlight.

1.Temperature measurement range: 30 to 122 degree Fahrenheit (0 to 50 degree Celsius).
2. Pressure measurement range: 2 to 150 PSI
3. Accuracy : ± 1PSI
4. Battery: flashlight, LED light and LCD back light: AAA Battery*2

NOTICE: This item does NOT come with battery !

1x Digital Tire Gauge Emergency Tool
1x User Instruction
  • FIVE FUNCTION IN ONE TOOL: Tire Nozzle ,Seat-belt Cutter ,Glass Hammer ,White LED Flashlight and LED Light. Functional and easy to carry with it. Just 2.8" length.
  • MONEY SAVE: tire nozzle can do you a favor when car is in unused status, you can measure your tire pressure and ensure Proper Tire Pressure which can help you to reduce gas mileage and prevent TIRE BLOWOUTS! You will also save money from buying a flashlight and a window breaking tool.
  • GIVE YOU A BRIGHT AT NIGHT: The tire gauge also has a very bright white LED flashlight that is located on the top. Its to be plenty bright enough to find and remove a cap and check the pressure.  It also has a bright red LED light which makes it easy to find the tire nozzle to read the pressure, while at the same time can make you visible at night for safety
  • A MUST FOR EVERY CAR: Everything is combined in one handy gadget. LED Light can also be used in searching for things in your car, a seat-belt cutter can do you give you a hand in emergency situation. Plus the are pressure gauge is something you will use often. A great piece of mind, and to have this tire gauge emergency tool just in case.
  • EASY TO USE: There comes an instruction for the little tool and the blue back light can help you to read the DIGI Tire at night !
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