Brand: Meirun
$17.59 $8.99
★Product Name:
Diy Pencil Tire Gauge,Auto Tire Pressure Gauge for any car

★Main Features:
1.wide test range,Calibrated and display two data range 1-15kg/cm2,10-200 lb/in2(10-200 Psi)
2. 11.8 inch length,so store this handy tool in your glove box or console,so it's always ready when you need it.
3.Dual head chuck design is so convenience for you to test the tire.
4.Metal body,metal Graduated Scale make sure this tire gauge is high quality.
5.Golden color desin keep this pencil air gauge is on high grade.

all kinds of home car,RV,bus,truck,heavy duty truck,vehicle,motorcyle and bike tyre tyres.

★Attention please:
Please test your car's tires every week,and start to test your tire when the tire's temperature is in cooling situation.
  • ☛WIDE TEST RANGE:1-15kg/cm2,10-200 lb/in2(10-200 Psi)Two wide data range,it can be used for any car,specially for heavy duty truck
  • ☛GOOD MATERIAL:metal body,metal Graduated Scale,all these make sure this tire gauge high quality
  • ☛HIGH PRECISE:Dual side Calibrated,pencil durable tire tires gauge is high precise
  • ☛BEATIFUL COLOR:golden color keep this product on high grade
  • ☛WARMLY SERVICE: 24 hours response and 30 days money back help your buying with good feeling and experience
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