Brand: Larnn
$119 $23.99
High Lever Accuracy- This is a robust, steel & brass in construction, mechanical automotive tool, which is calibrated to conform to the ANSI B40.1 Grade B (±2%) international accuracy standard. You can get precise, accurate inflation every time you use it.
Great Inflation Gun- Handy and easy carry inflation gun makes it a perfect auto accessory, ideal for your car, motorcycle, bike, SUV, etc. An air pump/compressor is required to inflate tires.
Maximum Reliability- The gauge needs no battery so it can be used any time and in any conditions without worrying that the gauge would pass out suddenly; Also resistant to a large range of temperatures and minor mechanical damages with its rubber sleeve.
Secure Lock-on Chuck- Gives you a great seal on the tire valve whilst freeing up your hands to operate the pump. Plus a built in air bleeder valve enables easy tire deflation to the exact pressure required.
Built-in Air Release Valve- Our car tire pressure gauge features a built-in air release valve along the stem so you can easily reduce excess pressure in tires that become overinflated.
Recommended by Mechanics- This quick fill air tool comes with a flexible hose and a large, clear, easy to read display dial with a 0-170 psi / 12 bar scale. Surrounded by a large rubber case for additional protection and durability.
Protect Tires and Saves You Money- By keeping your tires properly inflated, you'll reduce their wear and tear, produce better handling, and save on gas. This means that you would fill less gas and save some money.

Warm Tips
1 No High Falling
2 Keep It Away from Heat and Open Fire
3 Some Vehicles May Need External Connector
4 Not Applied to Large Vehicles (tractor shovel, cement truck, etc.)
  • 【All in One Design】 Inflation gun, pressure gauge and locking chuck with flexible hose, all in one compact design and premium 5-Star quality for your convenience and simple use
  • 【Ergonomic Handle】 With its ergonomic designed rubber handle, you can use this handy inflation gun and gauge easily and conveniently for your daily check before you start a safe drive
  • 【Robust and Flexible】 All key components are made of stainless steel and brass, including the inflatable trigger, air bleed button and quick connector; Also, the flexible rubber hose makes it a complete robust and durable inflation gauge
  • 【Easy Use and Easy Read】 Simple and easy enough for you to connect the tire valve instantly with the locking chuck either for inflation or tire pressure reading on the dial with large numbers and clear scale
  • 【Satisfaction and Warranty】 We are engaged in providing you great product with premium quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 12-Month Risk-Free warranty
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