Brand: KSaAuto
$5.99 $5.99
Peace of Mind - Feel safe knowing all your tires on your cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles are filled to the correct pressure.
  • Quick Accurate Measurements - Nozzle seals to valve stem for rapid precise measurements.
  • Multiple Modes - One button lets you switch between 4 different measurement units.
  • Backlit LCD Display - Bright display and lighted nozzle provides ultimate visibility and shows exact readings instantly and clearly, eliminating guesswork.
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design - Fits your hand comfortable, small enough for your center console or glove box; soft, non-slip surface provides sure grip and less fatigue for men or women.
  • Simple Foolproof Operation - Turn on and choose measurement units with a single button; shuts off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • Find Tire Pressure - find recommended tire pressure for my car, light truck, pickup, minivan, crossover, SUV, motorcycle, sports bike, dirt bike or scooter.

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