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"Hands down the BEST tire gauge on the market!" ... "Quality feel and build" ...

“What was I thinking using those cheap digital gauges for so many years! This is a REAL piece of equipment” ...

"Rugged, durable, and sturdy" ... "a TRUE performance tool" ... "Excellent gauge!"


Never be without a reliable tire gauge when you need it most. After countless hours searching for & studying the best gauges on the planet, we are proud to introduce to you the Elite Series Tire Pressure Gauge by JACO Superior Products.


Why Choose The Elite?

- 360-Degree Swivel Chuck

- Shock-Absorbing Gear-Style Protective Guard

- Pressure Hold & Reset Button

- Built-in Air Bleeder Valve

- 0-60 PSI Range, Single Increment Scale

- Large, Easy-to-Read 2" Glow-in-the-Dark Dial

- Long Lasting Metal Construction

- Rugged Steel Casing

- Solid Heavy Duty Design

- Precision Accuracy: Meets ANSI Grade B40.1 International Accuracy Standards (± 2% true PSI)


Why Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure Is Crucial:

- Longer lasting tires by promoting proper and even tire tread wear patterns

- Improved fuel economy meaning less time and money spent at the gas pump

- Smoother vehicle performance and handling for a more enjoyable overall driving experience

- Increased safety while driving by reducing the risk of tire failure due to under-inflation


Proudly Backed by Our LIFETIME 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Order today while supplies last. Limited stock.

Sold exclusively by JACO Superior Products.

  • Mechanic Recommended: Performance tested, certified accurate, & calibrated to ANSI B40.1 International Accuracy Standards (±2-3%), ensuring precise tire pressure readings without relying on batteries
  • Feels solid in the hand & built from premium heavy duty components shielded by a rugged gear-style protective guard; features a thick 2.25" brass stem making checking tire pressure easier than ever
  • Robust design is equipped with a built-in air bleeder valve to reduce pressure in overinflated tires, and the handy 360-degree swivel chuck allows for easy access to the tire valve from any angle
  • Larger, 2" glow dial features easy-to-read 60 PSI single increment scale that glows in the dark, providing accurate readings that "lock" in place until the pressure reset button on the neck is pushed
  • FREE 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee when you order yours today, so click "Add to Cart" with confidence to enjoy longer-lasting tires, improved gas mileage, and a smoother car driving experience
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