Brand: Mogix
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↔ Easy hand-held car gadget for anyone to use...

With a nice safe ergonomic hand grip and a large digital window so you can easily monitor your tires air and tread depth - you'll be amazed with how easy this gadgets features are to use! Plus, we made sure that the bright flashlight is positioned just under the tire pressure valve or sensor so that a quick read in any dark gas station or on the road is safely done.

$$ Save MONEY on Gas $$

Maintaining proper tire inflation will not only save you money at the pump but will also provide longer life, faster steering response and a smooth ride. Both underinflation and over-inflation can cause early treadwear and maybe even tire total loss. Protect your investment whether it be your family cars or ATV, motorcycle, truck, RV motorhome, etc. by checking at least once a month - Proper tire care alone can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

√ Accurate readings in 3 measurements...

First, it'll easily fit onto your auto tire valve stem and with a simple push of the button you'll have an accurate reading in these three measurements: KPA, BAR and PSI. Once you are done, your gauge will automatically turn off so you don't have to worry about accidentally running down the batteries - Button cell batteries are included!

Auto Emergency & Rescue Tool -

Protect your precious passengers by keeping this compact 5in1 tool within reach in the event of a crash. Life saving features include seat belt cutter or knife, window glass breaker, flashlight + a tire tread depth meter (remember, if your tread reading is in the red - your tire life is dead).

Why Mogix? We're a small family owned company based right here in the USA at your service! We offer the best 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or your money + an automatic extended 18mth warranty!

  • EASY TO READ - This digital tire pressure gauge has the light centered just right so you never have to second guess what your tire pressure reading is - Dusk or Dark! Batteries Included
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST - Life saving tools in case of emergency escape include a handle with a seat belt cutter and emergency car glass breaker - Peace of Mind!
  • TIRE TREAD MATTERS - Keeping it all in check with one easy to use 5 in 1 tool that includes a tire tread depth gauge - Red Means Your Tread is Dead!
  • 5 IN 1 IS BETTER THAN 1 - Why not have the best of both worlds with an reliable car tire pressure gauge & safety options that could save lives!
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY WITH A 2 PACK All Mogix products come with a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, 24/7 Five Star Customer Service + Our Comprehensive 18-Month Warranty!
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