Brand: iTavah
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iTavah Digital Tire Inflator 

Short press button "UNIT" to power on; 

When power-on, short press "UNIT" to switch pressure-measuring unit, while long press to power off. After measuring tire pressure, the inflator will auto off after 30 seconds without any operation. 

Note: 1.When measuring tire pressure, tire should keep cool; 

2.For the standard tire pressure, requirements of automobile factories or tire manufacturers shall prevail.

3.Straight lock-on air chuck (Socket-style gas interface) can well connect with most of stem clamps of car tires; while for some special stem clamps, you can connect a 90 Degree Valve Extender(not included) onto the air chunk and it will help. 


1.Unscrew the lid of tire valve, which refer to the lid of gas nozzle on tire that used to inflate. 

2.Fasten the air chunk of tire inflator and press it tightly on tire valve; pinch the air chunk, and till it perfectly connects with gas nozzle of tire, then release. 

Note: If they can not well connect, connect a 90 Degree Valve Extender(not included) onto air chunk and it will help, as different vehicles have different stem clamps.

3.Tire inflator will display tire pressure. If tire pressure is insufficient, deflate back to zero; If too high, press release valve and adjust to the proper tire pressure; If too low, inflate tire as follows: firstly, connect gas nozzle of air compressor with air intake of tire inflator; After that, pinch the inflatable switch (Trigger) and it can inflate. 

4.Once done, press release valve and make the pointer back to zero. After that, switch the lid of tire valve back. 

Package Includes:

1 x Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

1 x 14.96" High Flow Air Hose

2 x AAA Batteries

1 x Tool
  • Four measurement units: 0 ~ 150 PSI, 0 ~ 10 Bar, 0 ~ 10 Kg/cm2, 0 ~ 1000 kpa. Accuracy: ±2%
  • Thickened Alloy Clip Nozzle & 90º Brass Valve Stem Extender: Simply squeeze the clip and position the chuck over any Schrader-type tire valve; Release the clip to lock the hands-free chuck into place. Squeeze the trigger to inflate.
  • Durable Metal Casting Body (one-piece closure design): Adequate sealability to avoid leakage of air which can greatly helps increase the measurement accuracy. Valve controller: Easy to deflate or tightened to avoid leaking.
  • 2 × LR03 1.5V AAA Batteries included. Last up to 2 years.
  • Digital Backlit LCD Screen For Ultimate Visibility.
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