Brand: Auzeuner
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Experts recommend checking your tire pressure at least monthly, and it's never been easier than with the Tricess Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. Simply remove the cap from your valve stem, press the trigger-button once to power-on the gauge and press firmly against valve stem. Your tire pressure is instantly displayed and stays on screen for 30 seconds after reading and by clicking a button it allows you to read measurement as PSI, Bar or Kpa.

Low tire pressure results in decreased fuel economy, poor tire wear, poor vehicle handling and can be dangerous.

The perfect size to keep in your glove compartment or tool kit. Back lighted display with a LED lighted nozzle that makes it easy to locate valve stem, and easy to read day or night while keeping your tire-pressure reading for an extra 30 seconds.

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Working Voltage : 3V
Pressure Unit : PSI, KPA, BAR
Resolution : 0.5psi/5kpa/0.05bar
Measuring Range : 3-100PSI
Temperature Accuracy : 3-100PSI(plus or minus 1.5PSI)
Working Temperature : -0~50 C
Automatic Turn Off Time : 50s turn off, 30s turn off backlight
Battery Capacity : 180mAh
Working Time : 150hrs
Standby Time : 1500days

  • Lighted display screen for ultimate visibility in low light or at night
  • Nozzle seals to valve stem for quick and accurate measurements
  • EASY TO USE: Simple One Button Design to Power on and Select Mode. Long Lasting Batteries Included!
  • Item size:3.74*0.77*1.78 inches
  • Portable ,light and mini design.You can buckle the gauge with car key.It's mini and won't get you burdensome.
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