Brand: Happy The Family Inc
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★★NOW ON SALE★★ This Best Auto Accessories Bundle contains (2) Wallet Style Auto Registration & Insurance Information Document Holders w Velcro Closure and (1) Pencil tire Gauge. These handy document pocket holders come equipped with velcro snaps to keep your auto registration and other important paper items safe and dry. Use the pencil tire gauge to monitor your tire pressure which helps increase your car mileage while reducing wear on your tires. Happy The Family Inc - Quality Home & Auto Accessories At Affordable Prices
  • ★BUNDLE INGREDIENTS★: (2) Auto Registration & Insurance Card Document Holders (1) Pencil Tire Gauge
  • IMPORTANT DOCUMENT ORGANIZER: Keep you important documents organized and within reach at crucial times. Use the pocket holders for your auto registration and insurance documents. One above the visor and one in the glove compartment.
  • WALLET STYLE: These 4.5" x 5" wallet style document holders come with velcro closures. They make great gift ideas. Give one as a gift and keep one for yourself.
  • PENCIL TIRE GAUGE: An essential item for automobile road safety, this pressure release Pencil Tire Gauge features a chrome-plated body with a pocket clip. It can measure 10-15 pounds and comes with 5 valve covers. Monitoring your tire pressure can help increase your car mileage and reduce wear on your tires. Gauge measures approximately 5 1/4" long.
  • HAPPY THE FAMILY INC - Quality Home & Auto Accessories At Affordable Prices
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