Brand: AUPER
$13.99 $13.99

Why choose the Auper tire pressure gauge?

High accuracy - strictly control the quality of products in manufacture

High-quality product materials - high-quality metal materials and excellent rubber

Dual-Layer Protective Guard - the rugged and unique design

Measurement range of 0-100 psi - perfect for any car or motorcycle

The 45 degree angled and fully swivelling chuck - easy to use for you

1.5"dial design - the small tire gauge make it easier to store

Exquisite packaging - better protection for the Auper tire pressure gauge

What Our Customers Say:

"It works great, correct tire pressure."

"As indicated! Thanks!"

"We are really impressed with the look, easy of use of this Heavy Duty Tire pressure gauge. "

" It has a max pressure of 100 PSI, so is good for both car and truck tires as well as high pressure bicycle tires."

"This little valve gauge is great. It works as expected, has a nice build, and is accurate."

"You can take a pressure reading, remove the gauge and then read it. "

Auper as the professional tire pressure gauge manufacturer,we like to approach every detail from the user's perspective to improve our products

and services, and make your life easier . That means we start with affordable, high-quality products and end with 100% user satisfaction-period.

So buy with confidence now and get our best tire pressure gauge with 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
  • WORRY ABOUT THE ACCURACY OF THE TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE? : This Auper tire pressure gauge is strictly calibrated to ANSI B40.1 Grade B (2%) international accuracy standard,so you can get a accuracy tire pressure value every time you use it.
  • HIGH QUALITY : Made of premium heavy duty steel and brass and high-quality rubber,the rugged and unique 'Dual-Layer Protective Guard' shields the solid steel body from accidental drops.
  • EASY TO USE : With the 45 degree angled and fully swivelling chuck, enabling you to take a reading at any angle.The pressure holding button lock the pressure reading on the gauge even it is taken off the tire valve.
  • REFINEMENT : The 1.5-inch dial design make the tire pressure gauge more refined and you can store it nicely in the glove box, center console, or tool kit.
  • WHAT YOU GET : Auper tire pressure, welcome guide,our worry-free permanent warranty and friendly customer service,so click "Add to Cart" with confidence to enjoy longer-lasting tires, improved gas mileage, and a smoother driving experience.
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