Brand: Accu-Gage
$10.99 $10.99
Works as an extension to your spare's valve stem making it more accessible. One end screws on to the valve stem on the tire. The other end is placed in a convenient location. Use a tire gauge or an air hose on the Chek-A-Spare just as on a tire valve stem. A must for hard-to-reach spare tires! Use to check the pressure and to inflate when needed. Once installed it is always ready to use. Great for Pickups, SUV's, Sports Cars, Station Wagons and Mini Vans.
  • Makes your spare tire valve more accessible
  • Use a tire or an air hose on the valve extender just like a tire valve stem
  • Great for pickups, SUV's, station wagons, and mini vans
  • Easy to install
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