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A robust, steel and brass construction, mechanical air compressor inflator gauge, calibrated to conform to the ANSI B40.1 Grade B (±2%) international accuracy standard.

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Brand: TireTek
  • WANT CORRECTLY INFLATED TIRES? - This is a robust, steel & brass construction, mechanical automotive tool, that is calibrated to conform to the ANSI B40.1 Grade B (±2%) international accuracy standard. So you get precise, accurate inflation every time you use it.
  • INCLUDES A STRAIGHT AND RIGHT ANGLED CLIP-ON CHUCK - Giving you a great seal on your tire valve whilst freeing up your hands to operate the pump. With a built in relief valve you can inflate as well as deflate to the precise level required.
  • RECOMMENDED BY MECHANICS - This quick fill air tool comes with a flexible hose and a large, clear, easy to read display dial with a 0-170 psi / 12 bar scale. Surrounded by a large rubber case for additional protection and durability.
  • A TOP RATED INFLATION GUN - Making it the perfect auto accessory, ideal for your car, motorcycle, truck, bike, SUV, RV or ATV.

TireTek TXL-Pro Tire Inflator Gauge - 170 PSI Reviews

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