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Always have the convenience of an air supply when you need it with this high quality powerful 140W automobile tire pump delivering 40 liters of air per minute.

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Brand: TireTek
  • Always have the convenience of an air supply when you need it with this high quality powerful 140W automobile tire pump delivering forty liters of air per minute, it will inflate an average car tire in less than 3 minutes (it is always recommend keeping the engine running during use).
  • Featuring an extra long 10ft cigarette lighter power cord and three additional nozzle accessories. As well as being great for all kinds of ATV, RV, SUV, car, truck and caravan tires it is also superb for inflating sports and camping equipment such as mattresses, balls and rafts etc.
  • Noise eliminating technology reduces unwanted noise / vibration and rubber feet to make sure the air pump stays where it is placed and does not move around during operation. A built in bright LED light allows easy operation in the dark and will make sure you are seen.
  • Simple to operate thanks to an easy to read gauge with a colored tire pressure guide within the 0-100 PSI / 7 bar scale and a quick connect air hose with a screw on tire valve adapter making tire inflation a breeze. In addition, a space saving design allows easy storage within a free deluxe storage / carry bag.

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